Hair Restoration for Women

Hair Restoration Procedures are often catered towards male patterned baldness, without consideration for the women who also have the potential to benefit from these type of treatments.

Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches is proud to say that we have considered the specific needs of women, and that we do have a plethora of treatments available that can benefit women just as much as they benefit men.

Contact our West Palm Beach practice today and find out more about how our Hair Loss Treatments for Women can work to benefit you.


Minimally invasive and comfortable, the Neograft is one of the most convenient treatment options we have available.  The Neograft® is tailored to women who lose hair like men, meaning that the hairline recedes on the top but remains ample on the sides and back.

Prior to the procedure itself, an anesthetic will be applied to the back of the scalp to numb the area before the patient lies down for the actual harvesting of their hair. Patients should expect for one to four hairs to be extracted from the harvested area, which typically takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete. After the strands are harvested, the patient can then take a break to eat a snack and rest for awhile before proceeding with the insertion process.

The area of insertion is anesthetized prior to the strands being placed and the process should take 2 to 4 hours to complete.  Once the strands are inserted, the patient should take great care not to disturb the area for the weeks following. Adults in good health seeking a hair restoration procedure that requires minimal downtime may be suitable candidates, however, a consultation beforehand is needed to confirm that. Contact us and find out more about the procedure if you are interested!

Platelet-Rich Therapy

Platelet-Rich Therapy or PRP Therapy focuses on drawing a small amount of Platelet Rich Plasma from the body for redistribution to areas of hair loss.

Platelet rich plasma contains undifferentiated cells that replicate and divide with ease.  What this means for the patient is that the injected and redistributed plasma will work to speed up the growth of cells in the treated area, which in this case is the scalp.  Using the bodies natural replication of cells, PRP Therapy stimulates and repairs the hair follicle itself, leading to a natural and even growth of hair. A consultation appointment is needed to confirm a patient’s candidacy for the treatment.

Strip Grafting

A surgical option for those not qualified for non-invasive treatments, Strip Grafting involves follicles being transplanted from one part of the body to another, making it ideal for those experiencing severe hair loss.  Patients can either be awake or asleep for the procedure and a mild anesthetic is used to minimize pain as much as possible. The time of the process is dependent on the size of the area treated and it should take about one week to recover from the surgery.  

All women and men interested in any of these procedures are welcome to contact us and find out more about how these hair restoration processes can work to benefit you.