If you are like many people, it’s common to notice the gradual development of skin imperfections as we age. Imperfections such as cellulite can be difficult to eliminate, especially in common problem areas. If you have noticed the appearance of stubborn cellulite there is an effective treatment option for tightening skin for a more contoured appearance with Thermitight laser treatments.

What is Thermitight?

This is a medically advanced treatment that is effective at smoothing away cellulite for softer more youthful skin. Thermitight is a successful solution for individuals who have lost elasticity in their skin following the natural signs of aging, or weight loss. ThermiLift is the revolutionary skin tightening solution that can have you looking your best.

How Does It Work?

During treatments, a specialized laser is used with the help of a hand held tool. The laser works to provide controlled heat to the targeted treatment area. The hand-held tool is placed over the treatment area, and a tiny probe on the tip of the device is utilized to heat the tissue to a specified temperature. The advanced heat technology then works to gently smooth the tissue. This successfully provides the skin with the hydrating benefits necessary for smoothing away cellulite.


There are many skin-tightening benefits that Thermitight treatments can provide. These benefits include:

A one-time application treatment
Minimally invasive and non-surgical
Manageable or no downtime

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If you have recently noticed a change in the elasticity of your skin, and are ready to smooth away cellulite, Thermitight treatments could benefit you. This treatment is an effective solution that can provide you with the soft solution for flawless legs. Reach out to us here at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery to learn more about this effective treatment option. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!