Breast Implant Removal in Wellington & West Palm Beach, FL

Breast Implant Removal


There are many reasons why a woman may decide to have her breast implants removed. Some patients feel that their implants no longer suit them, they are interested in a more natural look, or they have simply grown tired of their enhanced breasts. If you are like many patients who are interested in having their breast implants removed, a breast implant removal procedure could benefit you.

What is Breast Implant Removal?

In the past few decades, breast implant surgery has become increasingly popular. While most patients are satisfied with their results, there are instances when a concern arises. Breast Implant Removal, also known as an explant surgery, is a personalized procedure that involves removing the breast implants for a natural feel and appearance. This is a widely popular solution for women who are no longer pleased with the appearance and feel of their fake implants, or for women who are experiencing sagging of the breasts caused by a fluctuation in weight, pregnancy, or the natural aging process. Breast implant removal may also be necessary for women who have implant damage or a breast capsular contracture. In conjunction with removing the implants, a breast lift can also be performed for a symmetrical, lifted, and natural appearance.

How is it Performed?

This is a pretty simple and straightforward procedure. It utilizes the same incision paths from the original implant surgery. During the procedure, the implants are safely and carefully removed from the breast pocket while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding tissue. This is to ensure there is no further damage or any irritation to the breasts. The incisions are then closed, and the breasts should return to their original, natural shape. In instances where the implants have been in the breasts for an extended length of time, the breasts may be slightly loose or droopy. However, this can be corrected with a breast lift procedure.

Who is a Candidate?

For women who are no longer satisfied with the look, feel, or size of their implants, you could benefit from breast implant removal surgery. For healthy women who wish to return to their natural breast shape and size, you could also qualify as a candidate.

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