Who Is a Good Candidate for Voluma?

Good Candidate

Let’s discuss for a moment those pesky signs that reveal your age. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots are the most well-known culprits, but another offender can be just as troublesome: skin laxity. In the past, patients treated this with a facelift. But today, a much simpler treatment can be found in Juvederm Voluma, a fast-acting injectable available at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Voluma?

Generally speaking, anyone in West Palm Beach with mild, moderate, or severe volume loss in the cheek area. Dermal fillers are among the most compatible and diverse cosmetic treatments available, meaning most people are good candidates. For Voluma in particular, ideal candidates are over the age of 21 and searching for an effective, non-invasive anti-aging treatment. It is not recommended for women currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

This filler is known for providing a lift to your skin without the drawbacks of surgery. It works in multiple ways to restore a more youthful appearance, including:

  • Filling hollow spaces on the face
  • Correcting looseness in the cheeks
  • Contouring facial curves


What Makes This Filler Special?

Different fillers are typically designed to address different concerns. Juvederm, for instance, contains four fillers within its family, and each has a specific purpose. For example, Vollure corrects moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, while Volbella is designed to correct perioral lines and augment lips. Although all Juvederm products contain hyaluronic acid (HA), Voluma in particular is formulated to hydrate, nourish, and restore skin.

It is also the only dermal filler approved by the FDA to specifically correct midfacial aging. Skin in this area can be tough to treat because it’s thicker than in other facial areas. It requires a more robust filler than that necessary to treat moderate facial wrinkles or fine worry lines. With its thicker consistency, Voluma fills this gap perfectly. It promotes deeper volume restoration and hydration for a smooth, plump, and glossy appearance.

The Apples of Your Cheeks

The apples are often the most vulnerable spots when it comes to volume loss. These round areas get pushed forward every time you smile, meaning they’re subject to a lot of daily movement. They appear full and lovely in people with younger skin, but over time, they lose their rosy appeal. When this filler is injected into the cheeks, the face once more reflects a vibrant and friendly-looking aura.

The Apex

If the apple is defined as the front most part of the cheek, the apex is the highest region. It includes the line that identifies the boundary between the under-eye area and cheeks. This line is prone to definition loss, a phenomenon that makes the face look sunken. But targeted injections can recreate the apex by re-defining the cheek line’s shape and contours.

The Hollows

The cheek’s hollows tend to have the largest surface area and include the region under the cheekbone. When you puff your cheeks, the hollows get large and, likewise, form dimples when you suck in your cheeks. A loss of volume in this area can make skin laxity appear far more pronounced. The entire face seemingly sags. With Juvederm’s highly capable filler, the layers of skin smooth out and a desirable fullness takes place.

A Frank Discussion on Hyaluronic Acid

Skin is comprised of many layers – far more than what we see on the surface. To illustrate, the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) is known as a basement membrane, meaning it sits fairly far down. But understanding the ECM is crucial to understanding your skin’s health and the best ways to maintain it.

You might think of the ECM as a flexible scaffolding interwoven with collagen, elastin, and HA. Together, these three components give your skin shape, structure, and moisture. As one begins to diminish – such as collagen – the other two do as well. And the volume loss that often characterizes more mature skin is generally owed to a drop in the body’s natural hyaluronic acid reserves.

What Is HA?

Officially known as a polysaccharide, HA is a carbohydrate that consists of sugar molecules bonded together. It binds to water to help the skin retain moisture while simultaneously delivering nutrients to areas that need it. HA also lubricates joints, helps skin heal, and achieves many functions that keep the entire body running smoothly. The trouble is HA production wanes with age, and that’s when those visible signs of aging begin to take shape.

You might already know HA can retain approximately 1000 times its volume in water. This explains why Juvederm and its family of fillers seek to restore lost HA. When Juvederm injectables are injected into the skin, we’re essentially reintroducing a hefty dose of HA. It immediately begins binding to water in the same way as the HA your body produces naturally.

A Little Patience Is Helpful

Juvederm fillers yield immediate results, but the full effects may take a week or two to develop. During this time, the HA settles to deliver a very natural appearance. Volume is likewise restored to targeted areas, sometimes even improving upon what existed before.

The Many Benefits of Treatment

After years of positive feedback and results, this Juvederm treatment has become the go-to filler for cheeks. Juvederm gained rapid success in 2006 with its very first injectable used to treat nasolabial folds (smile lines). Multiple formulations have since followed, but Voluma remains a standout. It earned FDA approval in 2013 and today remains the gold standard for giving cheeks a youthful, glossy finish.

This is also Juvederm’s longest-lasting filler, delivering high-quality results for up to two years after treatment. The advantages here are obvious, like saving time and money by being able to wait longer before a touch-up appointment is necessary. And results dissipate gradually, meaning you won’t suddenly wake one morning with your midface area once again sunken. Instead, your cheeks will look gradually less plump to indicate it’s time for another session.

Natural-Looking Results

Juvederm fillers are lauded for delivering exceptionally natural results. The gel-like consistency easily integrates with your skin tissues and mimics the HA your body makes naturally. This means you won’t look overdone or overfilled, and the difference in your appearance will likely be visible before you leave our office.

A Very Comfortable Treatment

All Juvederm formulations now include a local anesthetic to ensure comfort throughout your treatment. Each injection provides a numbing effect that wears off in less than an hour.

A Few Last-Minute Details

Dermal filler treatments are fast and efficient and can typically be completed in about 45 minutes. Recovery is similarly rapid, allowing you to refresh your appearance without the arduous healing process required of surgery.

Know What to Avoid

After your session, it’s important you avoid alcohol for about 24 hours. Also, avoid applying too much pressure to the treated area. The effects of rubbing or otherwise touching your skin can cause the filler to move around, resulting in an imbalanced look. You’ll therefore need to wash your face gently with a high-quality cleanser. If you need recommendations for products that match your skin type, we’re happy to help.

Likewise, exposure to excessive heat or cold after treatment can disrupt the filler. You should therefore stay away from:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Hot tubs
  • Sun tanning
  • Saunas
  • Sunbeds


Is It Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Juvederm products are highly regarded for a number of reasons, including the fact they work well with a variety of skin types. Patients need not worry about allergic reactions because HA is common throughout the body. And yes, even patients with sensitive skin can safely undergo treatment.

Many times, the addition of HA helps relieve concerns like dry or flaky skin. Patients even report seeing a more luminescent complexion after treatment. If you have additional concerns about the compatibility of dermal fillers with your skin type, don’t hesitate to speak with a member of our staff.

Does Everyone Need an Aesthetic Consultation?

Yes, as we use this time to understand your overall health, skin concerns, and treatment goals. As mentioned a moment ago, we’re also available to answer any questions you have. We’ll review what you should expect from treatment and highlight the advantages that come with using Juvederm products.

Embrace Your Youthful Side

Don’t let skin sagging diminish your youthful, playful nature. Restore smooth and well-hydrated contours with this Juvederm treatment, designed for easy injections and proven to deliver long-lasting results. Schedule your consultation today by contacting Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL.


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