What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is another name for abdominoplasty, and the purpose of the procedure is to remove excess skin and unwanted fat from the body and tighten the underlying abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck can leave you with a flatter stomach and significantly improve your appearance. One of the major benefits of this procedure is that it allows our surgeon to visualize the abdominal muscles, which makes it easier to tighten them.

What Does It Treat?

Abdominoplasty can treat abdominal fat that is resistant to exercise, and it’s also effective for tightening and/or removing excess skin that remains after major weight loss. If you’d like to improve the appearance of your abdomen and look younger, then consider getting a tummy tuck.

This procedure is even great for correcting muscles that have become overly stretched from pregnancy and stretch marks. Many women want to look fit, and even with regular exercise, they can’t improve the appearance of the abdomen.

How Does It Work?

A tummy tuck can give your abdomen a toned, smooth appearance, and it involves the removal of excess skin and fat. Abdominoplasty can tighten weakened and separated muscles, and it can allow you to fit comfortably into your favorite types of clothing.

Are You a Candidate?

Ideal candidates for this procedure should be close to a normal weight, and they should have a midsection that is out of proportion with the rest of the body. If you’ve lost a large amount of weight and you can’t seem to get rid of the excess skin around your abdomen, then you might be a great candidate for this procedure. A tummy tuck can also help women who’ve undergone several pregnancies and lost the skin elasticity around the midsection.

What are the Benefits?

The greatest benefit of undergoing abdominoplasty is a smoother, flatter stomach, and if you have severe lower abdominal skin laxity, you’ll definitely benefit from this treatment.

If you want a smooth, tight midsection, then consider getting a tummy tuck at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery. Our office is located in Wellington, but we happily serve both men and women in the West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a tummy tuck!


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