What Can Body Sculpting Do for You?

What Can Body Sculpting Do for You?

Getting rid of fat pockets and losing weight can be a discouraging experience. Even if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, stubborn fat may remain. While it would be great if you could achieve your desired body shape with diet and exercise alone, other forms of intervention may be necessary sometimes. 

We understand how frustrating it can be to try to achieve your ideal body shape and come up short. At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL, we offer non-invasive body sculpting options to provide you with the beautiful, sculpted look you desire. Non-surgical body sculpting is a great way to reduce excess fat and contour your body without surgery or lengthy recovery times.

What Is Body Sculpting and How Does It Work?

Body sculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical method of reshaping the body to achieve desired proportions and contours. It uses treatments such as cryolipolysis, laser lipo, and radiofrequency technologies to target fat cells in specific areas to destroy them. Once destroyed, these fat cells are eliminated from the body naturally through the lymphatic system. Body sculpting is a popular option for those who wish to enhance their figures and improve their overall self-confidence without going under the knife.

What Are the Benefits of Body Sculpting?

The primary benefit of body sculpting is that it can help you achieve your desired physique without undergoing extensive surgeries or long recovery periods. Some other benefits are: 

Fewer Risks

One of the primary benefits of non-surgical body sculpting is that it carries fewer risks than surgical procedures. Because non-surgical procedures are less invasive, there is a lower risk of complications such as infection, scarring, and nerve damage.

Quicker Recovery Time

Another benefit of non-surgical body sculpting is that the recovery time is typically much shorter than it is for surgical procedures. Most people who undergo non-surgical procedures can return to their normal activities within a few days, while those who have surgery may need several weeks to recover.

Less Pain

Non-surgical body sculpting procedures generally cause less pain than surgery. This is because the procedures are less invasive and require smaller incisions. Additionally, many non-surgical procedures can be performed using local anesthesia, while surgery often requires general anesthesia, which can cause more discomfort.

Different Types of Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can reshape and contour the body. It can help reduce fat, remove cellulite, and provide a more toned look. Many different body sculpting techniques are available, so it’s essential to understand which is right for you.

Thermismooth Body

ThermiSmooth is a popular body sculpting treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to target problem areas on the body. It tightens underlying tissues and stimulates c

ollagen production for improved skin tone and texture. ThermiSmooth also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines for smoother skin with fewer signs of aging. ThermiSmooth can be used on any area where you’d like to improve skin tone or reduce wrinkles. Popular treatment areas include the face, neck, chest/cleavage area (décolletage), stomach/abdomen area, and the buttocks/thighs.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses cooling technology to target specific areas of fat on the body. This non-invasive procedure freezes the fat cells in the area being treated, which causes them to break down and be eliminated naturally by the body over time. It’s a safe and effective way to contour your body without surgery or downtime. CoolSculpting can target areas such as the abdomen, flanks, arms, thighs, chin, bra line, back fat, love handles, and more.  

What Can I Expect with Each Treatment?

If you’re looking for non-surgical and non-invasive body sculpting solutions that can help you reach your aesthetic goals, CoolSculpting and Thermismooth Body treatments are two leading options. Both treatments are designed to target fat cells beneath the skin in a non-invasive way, requiring no extensive downtime or scarring. Ultimately, these non-surgical treatments are designed to help you achieve your body goals. Here is what to expect with each treatment: 

Thermismooth Body

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments such as ThermiSmooth Body use non-invasive technology to deliver controlled heat energy to target areas. The handheld device penetrates the skin with radio-frequency waves, safely heats the fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. This heat encourages the body’s natural healing response within the skin – resulting in more elasticity and collagen production for hydrated and soft-looking skin. With no downtime, non-invasive treatments offer a fast and non-intrusive solution for those looking to shape their body without going through a surgical procedure.


CoolSculpting offers non-invasive body sculpting without the need for surgery. Using a handheld device, pockets of unwanted fat that can’t be lost via traditional methods are frozen and allowed to crystallize. Over time, the body naturally absorbs these cells, gradually reducing fat while providing a more naturally improved aesthetic. This non-surgical treatment helps target stubborn fat deposits with long-lasting results to ensure you look and feel your best.

What Qualifies You for Either Treatment? 

A consultation with us is necessary to determine which treatment is proper for you and what qualifies you for either. Your medical history and other factors such as age, lifestyle, and skin condition are essential considerations when determining if you qualify for CoolSculpting or Thermismooth Body. We will create a tailored plan to help you achieve your desired goals safely.

Get Non-Invasive Body Sculpting With Coolsculpting and Thermismooth Body

At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery, we provide non-surgical body sculpting services for clients in and around Palm Beach. Our non-invasive treatment strategies are tailored to each client’s individual needs, allowing them to get the desired results without going through an invasive procedure. We offer CoolSculpting and Thermismooth Body treatments to achieve their desired results safely, non-surgical way. If you’re looking for non-invasive body sculpting solutions in Wellington, FL, and surrounding areas, contact us today and schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you reach your aesthetic goals!


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