What Can a Tummy Tuck Do for Me?

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How many of us are really happy with our tummies? A flat, toned stomach is what most people work towards by losing weight and exercising. Sometimes dieting and hitting the gym just aren’t enough to get the results we want. If this is you, cosmetic surgery might be the solution you’re looking for. There are many reasons your abdominal area may need extra attention other than diet and exercise. A tummy tuck could be the answer for you if that’s the case. The popular procedure has solved the problem of loose, saggy abdominal skin for many people; maybe it can for you as well.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

People of otherwise normal body weight and size can have an issue with an abdomen that protrudes or is loose and/or sagging due to excess skin or the buildup of fat tissue. This is often the case when you’ve recently lost weight or had a baby. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess fat and skin and restores weakened muscles. It helps give the patient an abdominal profile that is trimmer and firmer. This can improve the way you look and the way clothing fits, giving you renewed confidence and making you more comfortable with your body.

During surgery, the muscles in the abdominal area are tightened and loose skin is removed. This corrects the protruding tummy and leaves a midriff that is flatter and better toned. Tummy tucks are popular with both men and women, particularly those who have undergone unwanted changes to their abdominal area as a result of drastic weight loss or pregnancy.

Reasons to Consider a Tummy Tuck

There are several medical conditions and other reasons you might consider this surgery, including:

  • Heredity
  • The effects of aging
  • Pregnancy that left stretched, saggy skin
  • A past surgical procedure
  • Diet and exercise haven’t produced the desired result

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

There are the obvious cosmetic benefits of having this procedure, but there are also some medical reasons to consider it.

Cosmetic Improvements

  • A flatter stomach by the removal of fat
  • The removal of excess skin
  • A tightening of abdominal muscles (in most cases)

Medical Benefits

  • Reduction of urinary incontinence, a bladder control problem sometimes seen with vaginal birth
  • Better posture: the tightened abdominal muscles give better support to the spine

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The medical and cosmetic benefits of a tummy tuck make the procedure something many people become interested in. Potential patients in the West Palm Beach area should discuss the procedure with Dr. Nir, our talented surgeon at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington. It’s time to start your journey toward a flatter, firmer tummy. Contact us today to book your consultation and get started.


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