What Are Juvéderm XC Dermal Fillers?


If you have thin lips, weak cheekbones, or age-related volume loss, you may be a good candidate for dermal fillers. While there are several brands of dermal fillers, one of the most popular is Juvéderm. Juvéderm fillers can be used to enhance your facial features as well as resolve age-related changes in the skin.

Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL, offers Juvéderm XC and Juvéderm Voluma XC. To find out more about these two unique dermal filler products, continue reading.

The Purpose of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are cosmetic injectables that aim to add volume beneath the skin. This serves two purposes: to accentuate certain facial features and to resolve signs of aging. 

Filler injections contain a hyaluronic acid solution that increases volume under the skin. This added volume can be used to enhance cheekbones, create a stronger jawline, or make the lips plumper.

These injections also address signs of aging in several ways. As you age, there is a natural decline in hyaluronic acid beneath the skin. This decline can cause your cheeks to appear hollow and sullen bags to develop under your eyes. Dermal fillers add hyaluronic acid under your skin, which creates a fuller appearance. 

Some dermal fillers also stimulate collagen production. Aging skin is often low in collagen since this component decreases as you get older. Dermal fillers that boost collagen production can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

What Is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a line of dermal filler products that are each designed to address a different aesthetic concern. The Juvéderm brand is one of the most popular in the cosmetic industry, helping millions of people reach their aesthetic goals. 

These injectables are simple outpatient treatments that allow you to transform your appearance without surgical intervention.

Products in the Juvéderm Line

There is a wide variety of dermal fillers in the Juvéderm line. Each of these products is specifically developed to address a unique cosmetic concern, including everything from thin lips to hollow cheeks. Learn more about two of the most popular products in the Juvéderm line below.

Juvéderm XC

Juvéderm XC is an innovative dermal filler that has been formulated with Hylacross technology. This technology has a smooth gel consistency that can create natural-looking volume beneath the skin. 

Unlike many other dermal fillers, Juvéderm XC’s formula is infused with lidocaine. This provides for optimal comfort when the injections are administered.

Juvéderm XC can be used to address a number of cosmetic concerns, but it is most effective when used around the mouth and nose. This injectable is great for treating wrinkles and creasing that surrounds the lips or nose, adding subtle volume that makes skin appear smoother.

Juvéderm Voluma XC

Juvéderm Voluma XC is similar to the original Juvéderm XC product, but it’s designed to address more significant volume loss. The Juvéderm Voluma XC formula is thicker than Juvéderm XC, making it a great option for hollow cheeks. It can also be used to create stronger cheekbones with a more sculpted facial structure.

Another unique aspect of both Juvéderm XC and the Voluma XC filler is that they have been developed to last longer than other injectables. While most dermal fillers last around three to four months, Juvéderm XC fillers can last up to one year.

Are You a Good Candidate for Juvéderm XC Fillers?

Dermal fillers are popular cosmetic treatments because they address a variety of aesthetic concerns. This means that a large number of people make good candidates for Juvéderm fillers. 

If you are struggling with age-related volume loss under the skin, you may benefit from Juvéderm Voluma XC. For clients with more subtle signs of aging around the mouth or with thin lips who need enhanced fullness, Juvéderm XC may be a good option.

The Juvéderm filler line is suitable for all skin types, genders, and ages. To confirm that you are a good candidate for Juvéderm XC treatment, you can have a consultation appointment with a cosmetic medicine provider. We will assess your unique concerns and determine whether Juvéderm fillers are right for you.

The Juvéderm Filler Process

If you’ve never had dermal fillers administered before, you may be wondering what the process is like. As it turns out, dermal fillers are one of the simplest cosmetic treatments. There are no incisions or sutures involved. Dermal fillers are an outpatient procedure, which means that you can return home after treatment and resume normal activity. Juvéderm injectables don’t require any recovery process or downtime.

When you arrive for a Juvéderm session, you’ll be able to sit back comfortably while one of our providers administers your injections. 

A topical anesthetic may be applied to your skin to provide optimal comfort. Once this has taken effect, we can use a marker to mark the areas of the face receiving injections. For most patients, this includes the lips, cheeks, cheekbones, mouth, or eye area. 

After marking the skin, your Juvéderm injections will be gently administered. This entire process can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the areas being treated. Once complete, you will be able to return home.

The results of your Juvéderm injections will develop gradually over the next three days. You will see an increase in volume just under the skin where injections were placed. This volume can last up to one year.

Juvéderm Injectables at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery

Are you looking to get fuller cheeks or plumper lips? Juvéderm dermal fillers can be used to address both of these cosmetic concerns and more. Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL, offers Juvéderm injectables, along with many other aesthetic treatments. 

To learn more about dermal fillers, schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic medicine providers today.


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