Treating Signs Of Aging With A Facelift In West Palm Beach


Wrinkling and folding of the facial skin is the most common visual sign of aging. These wrinkles and creases often appear on the forehead and neck as well as on the cheeks and along the jawline. A facelift is a general term for skin repositioning in these areas, and there are several types of treatment procedures that address problems in a specific region of the skin surface.

When we consult with our clients here in West Palm Beach, we offer suggestions for treatment based on the severity of skin wrinkling, where it is occurring, and the age of the individual. Below, we outline a few of the procedures for correcting age-related skin folding and wrinkling. However, before making any decision on whether to undergo skin repositioning treatment, we strongly encourage you to talk with us.

Why Have A Facelift Performed?

If you’re younger and are experiencing a loss of moisture retention, a decrease in collagen production, or poor skin tissue support, you may have tried alternative methods of skin rejuvenation. However, if you’re older and are now finding out that these treatments are no longer as effective, a facelift may be the proper way to correct the problem.

A facelift is a skin repositioning procedure. It involves removing excess skin on the face to smooth fine lines and reverse sagging. Depending on the shape of your face and the amount of fat deposited beneath the skin, variations on the traditional facelift offer a greater number of individuals a viable treatment option. Properly performed, a facelift can yield positive results that last for up to ten years.


During the consultation, we will examine the facial features closely and suggest one of the various treatment options involving skin repositioning. You and your designated driver can return home the same day so you can recover in the comfort of your home.

Recovery From A Facelift Procedure

Most of our clients are back to their normal routine within about ten days after a traditional facelift. Bandages may need to be worn for a while and changed regularly. The smoother skin and diminished appearance of wrinkles mean a younger-appearing individual, and the results can last for many years.

Take Control

If the stop-gap procedures and treatment options are no longer working for you, consider a facelift procedure. It’s a very simple surgery, and results are generally beyond what you expect. Contact us today at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.


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