Tips on How to Speed Up Your CoolSculpting Results

CoolSculpting in Wellington, FL

When trying to achieve a leaner, more sculpted physique, many find that certain pockets of fat persistently linger, defying diet and exercise. These stubborn fat reserves can sometimes cover up the progress you have made with weight loss or muscle toning and can cause certain areas to be less defined. 

Body contouring solutions such as CoolSculpting can help reduce fat in targeted areas of the body. This treatment freezes and eliminates fat cells, reshaping the areas that have the most stubborn fat such as the abdomen or the double chin. 

Our CoolSculpting treatments in Wellington, FL are one way that we can help you refine the shape of your body without surgery. At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery, we will guide you through the process, giving you tips on how to speed up and maximize your CoolSculpting results. 

What Is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that can destroy fat in any area that contains pinchable fat. The treatment was developed by scientists at Harvard University who observed that some children developed dimples due to eating a lot of popsicles. This led to the unique concept of cryolipolysis or the freezing of fat cells. Treatment areas can include the abdomen, flanks (love handles), inner and outer thighs, back or “bra fat”, underneath the buttocks (banana roll), and submental fat (double chin). 

How Does CoolSculpting Work? Understanding the Process

Cryolipolysis works on the understanding that fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the surrounding tissues. This means that if the right temperature is used, we can eliminate fat without damaging your skin or muscles. 

During CoolSculpting, an applicator is placed on the skin and the tissues are drawn up into the applicator where cold temperatures are applied. The fat cells freeze and die, and then your body does the rest of the work of processing and eliminating the fat cells through the lymphatic system. While this process takes time, there are certain factors that can speed up or slow down your final CoolSculpting results. 

Speeding Up and Optimizing Your CoolSculpting Results

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential when trying to optimize your CoolSculpting results. While CoolSculpting treatments are designed to reduce the number of fat cells in treated areas, the remaining cells can still expand if you gain weight, potentially diminishing the results. Physical activity is also important for the health of your lymphatic system which will be doing all the hard work of eliminating the fat cells.

Communicate With Your Provider

Keeping open lines of communication with us is key to optimizing your CoolSculpting results. Regular follow-up appointments allow us to track your progress and adjust your treatment plan if necessary. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns about the treatment because your input helps us provide the best possible care.

Take Care of Your Skin

Hydrated, well-cared-for skin can enhance the appearance of your newly sculpted contours. Regular exfoliation can help to remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of new, healthy skin. Also, drinking plenty of water can keep your skin hydrated and elastic. 

Schedule Additional Appointments

Depending on your specific goals, you might need more than one CoolSculpting treatment to achieve optimal results. During your initial consultation, we will discuss a treatment plan that aligns with your goals. However, everyone’s body responds differently to treatment. Some patients may see their desired results after a single session, while others may require additional treatments.

What Are Some Factors That Can Impact CoolSculpting Results? 

Your Body’s Natural Metabolism

Each person’s body responds differently to CoolSculpting. Your natural metabolic rate plays a role in how quickly your body processes and eliminates the treated fat cells. Those with faster metabolisms may see results sooner, while those with slower metabolisms may need to wait a bit longer.

The Treatment Area

The area of the body being treated can also impact your CoolSculpting results. Certain areas, like the abdomen or flanks, might require multiple sessions to fully address the fat cells in these regions. The size and density of the fat deposits in the targeted area can influence the number of treatments needed and the visible results.

Your Overall Health

Your overall health can also influence your results. People who are relatively fit and close to their ideal body weight tend to achieve the best results. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment; it’s more effective at sculpting the body and reducing stubborn areas of fat in individuals who already lead a healthy lifestyle.

What to Expect From Your First CoolSculpting Appointment

Before the treatment begins, we’ll apply a protective gel pad to the target area to shield your skin from the cooling panel. We will then place the correct-sized applicator on the treatment area. Once positioned, the applicator delivers controlled cooling to the fat cells beneath the skin. You’ll initially feel a sucking or pulling sensation as the applicator adheres to your body and begins the cooling process. While it can feel cold, tingly, or achy, many patients report a numbing effect in the treated area after the first few minutes.

One of the advantages of CoolSculpting is that it allows you to relax during the treatment. You can read, watch a movie, work on your laptop, or even take a nap. A typical CoolSculpting session can last anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour. Once the session is complete, you can typically return to your normal activities immediately with no downtime required.

Get Your Body Ready for Summer With CoolSculpting in Wellington, FL

At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery, not only will we help to guide you toward the treatments that are right for you, but we will also help you to maximize your results. If you are looking for comprehensive CoolSculpting services that take your unique situation into consideration, you can call us at (561) 753-3331 to schedule a consultation, or you can reach out to us online.


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