The Most Natural Breast Augmentation: Round Implants or Teardrop?

At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery – Itzhak NIR, MD FACS in Wellington, FL, we offer breast augmentation to help women in the West Palm Beach area achieve their desired results. Women who want the most natural breast augmentation results will benefit from an implant that’s designed to look and feel like real breast tissue. While some procedure outcomes tend to appear more natural due to the implant used during the surgery, we accommodate all preferences and needs.

What Is the Most Natural Type of Breast Augmentation? Teardrop Implants vs. Round Implants

The two primary types of breast implant shapes are teardrop and round implants. Each can help women achieve unique goals and their ideal breast aesthetic. However, women who want implants that resemble natural boobs will be better suited for teardrop breast implants over a round implant that creates the appearance of perfectly round breasts.

The difference between round vs teardrop implants has to do with how they make the breasts look after this cosmetic procedure. Women looking for the most natural looking breast implants can benefit from a teardrop implant because it’s shaped the most like a beautiful natural breast. The tear drop breast implant will be fuller at the bottom of the implant, replicating what some might call mature natural tits.

Teardrop Shaped Implants

A teardrop implant will create tear drop breasts, often referred to as tear drop titties, tear drop tits, or teardrop boobs. This implant is also medically referred to as an anatomical implant because it has the most natural shape and slope. These implants are often textured, which helps them retain their position on the chest wall and ensures that they don’t move around. These implants can be placed over the muscle due to their unique texture.

Who Is a Candidate for Teardrop-Shaped Implants?

Women looking for the most natural implant that mimics real breasts make good candidates for the teardrop implant. Women who want their implants to replicate natural teardrop breasts can choose this particular option and achieve their desired results. Women who aren’t necessarily interested in achieving round-shaped breasts, which can also be referred to as round tits or round natural breasts, will be better suited for a teardrop implant since they are often referred to as realistic breast implants.

This is also a good option for women undergoing breast reconstruction surgery who don’t necessarily want to significantly change the natural appearance of their breasts. Of all the types of boob jobs, this particular implant will deliver the most natural-looking results.

Round Implants

Round implants are perfectly round implants with the same amount of fullness at the tops, sides, and bottoms of the breasts. These implants have a smooth texture and add fullness to the upper portion of the breast that typically doesn’t exist naturally. While some may say they aren’t the most realistic breast implants, the right surgeon can help women achieve nice natural boobs with a round implant.

A round-shaped implant is not anatomic and has a half-moon-shaped profile. This implant comes in a variety of different sizes and widths to help women achieve their desired breast projection. These implants are typically made of saline or silicone and can also complement the figure by adding fullness to the breast, meeting the needs of women who have naturally small breasts.

Who Is a Candidate for Round Implants?

Women who don’t necessarily want to achieve teardrop tits and want a fuller breast profile may benefit from a round implant. Round implants may be referred to as perfect fake boobs, round boobs, and round fake tits. Even though, in some people’s opinion, round implants may not deliver the most natural looking boob job, they can meet the needs of women who are wondering how to make breast fuller and rounder.

Women who aren’t concerned whether people will be able to tell the difference between their fake boobs vs real breasts can achieve their desired results with a round implant. Even though it may not be the most natural aesthetic in the opinion of some, it can still improve the shape, size, and aesthetics of the breast, and for some women, it may help them achieve what they personally consider the ideal of perfect natural breasts.

Teardrop vs Round Implants: Making the Right Choice

Both of these implants can help women achieve their desired results. When you undergo natural breast enhancement with a qualified and skilled surgeon and a surgical team of experts, not only will you achieve natural tits, but you can expect a natural boob job that compliments your figure and enhances your appearance.

Some women are better suited for a teardrop-shaped implant over a round implant for different reasons. While some may say that teardrop-shaped implants deliver the best natural results, women can also achieve beautiful results and big natural breast tissue after undergoing the procedure with a round implant.

The Importance of Your Consultation

The best way to determine what type of implant will help you achieve the most natural breast enlargement is by scheduling an initial consultation with a surgeon who is known for performing the most natural boob jobs.

The best natural breast enhancements are always done by a surgeon with advanced skill, training, expertise, and precision. If you don’t want anyone to try to determine whether your breasts are real or fake or compare fake tits vs real ones when they see you, you can let your surgeon know exactly what you’re looking for and feel confident that your surgical treatment plan will deliver your exact results.

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Women who undergo breast augmentation can achieve their aesthetic ideal through a safe and effective surgical procedure. The entire treatment process is completely customizable, from the implant type, shape, size, and profile to the surgical incisions. This procedure can meet the needs of women from all walks of life with unique medical and cosmetic concerns.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Women looking to enhance the shape, size, or general appearance of their breasts make good candidates for breast augmentation. It can meet the needs of women with small breasts who want to achieve their ideal body proportions. It’s also an effective procedure for women who have reduced breast volume due to pregnancy and nursing.

It can also correct aesthetic imperfections, including breast asymmetry, equalizing the difference between breasts that may be a cup size smaller or larger. It also can meet the needs of women who need to undergo breast reconstructive surgery after experiencing breast trauma, an injury, or a mastectomy. Women who undergo this procedure have different goals and different reasons for scheduling breast augmentation.

Determining Your Treatment Eligibility

The best first step in determining your treatment eligibility is to schedule an appointment at our office in Wellington, FL, so we can learn more about your goals, medical history, and primary concerns and then customize your treatment plan accordingly after confirming that breast augmentation is right for you. If you happen not to be a good candidate, we can give you details about alternatives to breast implants.

What Type of Incision Will I Need?

Determining the incision location for your breast augmentation is something you will determine with the surgeon during your pre-surgical consultation. There are several different surgical techniques used during this procedure through which the surgeon can insert the implant.

Incision Locations

One of the most commonly used techniques involves an incision being made at the lower part of the breast: a technique that minimizes visible scarring. A less common incision location is the armpit. Women will also have the option of an incision around the areola.

One of the latest techniques used during breast augmentation is creating an incision in the belly button, which prevents any visible scarring in the breast region. During your pre-surgical consultation, the surgeon will give you more details about each type of incision and answer all of your questions to determine which is right for you.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Whether you choose a teardrop-shaped or round implant, the surgical procedure is virtually the same. The surgeon will make a small incision in a pre-determined location in which he can insert the breast implant to effectively enlarge the size of the breast and help patients achieve their desired goals. Women who choose our office to undergo this procedure can expect to undergo the procedure at a nearby hospital or a state-of-the-art surgical unit.

Before undergoing the procedure, we administer general anesthesia. Once the proper incision is made, the surgeon will raise the breast tissue and create a pocket in one of two locations: beneath the breast tissue or the muscle on the chest wall. Once the implant has been inserted in the desired location, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures, and your procedure will be complete.

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

A typical breast augmentation takes anywhere from one to three hours. The total breast surgery time varies based on the surgical treatment plan and each patient’s goals. Once we meet with you during your pre-surgical consultation and design your treatment plan accordingly, we can give you a better idea of how long your surgery will take so that you can plan accordingly.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Women who undergo this procedure can expect natural-looking and long-lasting results. At our office, we aim to help each patient achieve their desired results. Once the recovery process is over and the area has healed, you’ll have a better idea of what your final results will look like. We can give you more details about what you can expect from the procedure and when you can expect the final results at your pre-surgical consultation.

What Are the Other Types of Breast Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure, but there are also other procedures that we offer to help women achieve their cosmetic goals. Breast reduction is a procedure we offer that’s designed to reshape the breasts and reduce their size. During the procedure, we remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts to create a more proportional appearance. This procedure can help women with naturally heavy breasts who have experienced negative symptoms, reduced physical activity, or chronic discomfort.

We also offer breast implant removal for women who want or need to remove their implants for different reasons, as well as breast lift surgery, which removes excess skin and lifts the breast higher on the chest wall. This procedure is often combined with breast augmentation. We also offer breast reconstruction surgery for women who need to remove breast tissue as a result of trauma, infection, or cancer.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Breast implants can help women achieve their desired results and can last for decades, but they won’t last forever. On average, implants will last 10 to 15 years, after which replacement surgery is necessary to address any aesthetic issues or changes resulting from the aging process. Women who undergo breast implant replacement can also make changes and choose a different implant size or shape at that time based on their needs and preferences.

What Kind of Recovery Can I Expect?

Immediately following your procedure, you will begin the recovery process. We will provide complete post-operative instructions, including resting and limiting your movements to accelerate healing and shorten recovery. Following the procedure, we will apply bandages to the area to accelerate the healing process and prevent the breasts from moving.

After removing the bandages, you’ll need to wear a special surgical bra for several weeks to maintain optimal breast position. We can prescribe medication as needed on a patient-to-patient basis and will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that you are healing and having a successful recovery.

Learn More About the Benefits of Breast Augmentation in West Palm Beach

If you want to learn more about breast augmentation, the best natural looking breast implants, and the differences between tear drop vs round implants, we can give you more details at your pre-treatment consultation. Contact Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery – Itzhak NIR, MD FACS in Wellington, FL, today to schedule an initial consultation and see the different implants in person.


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