Strip Grafting for Severe Hair Loss

Strip Grafting

Severe hair loss can negatively impact your appearance and self-esteem, and without the right help, there isn’t much that you can do about it. Strip grafting is a common procedure for severe hair loss, and it consists of removing follicular units from one area and transplanting them into a different area.

During the procedure, the hair follicles in the preselected area are removed as a group and transplanted into a bald area of your head. One of the major benefits of this technique is that it allows for the extraction of follicular units in their genetic form.

A single follicular unit contains about four hairs, but in many cases, it might only contain 2.2. When strip grafting is used for severe hair loss, it’s important for follicular hair units to remain undamaged. To extract the units, special microscopes are used, and once the units have been separated, they’re stored inside of a solution.

What is Strip Grafting for Hair Loss?

The transplantation process consists of moving live roots from another area and transplanting them into the area that needs them. This is a popular procedure because it offers a natural look, and the transplanted hair can be shampooed, styled, shaved, colored or cut.

The roots resist fall, and the density that can be achieved with this procedure is high. In most cases, your entire bald area can be covered with transplanted hair. The strip grafting method involves taking a strip of skin from the back of your scalp. Once the hair roots have been dissected, they’re planted onto the bald area.

Are You a Candidate?

Before considering strip grafting, you should know if you’re a good candidate. An ideal candidate has great overall health and doesn’t suffer from healing or bleeding disorders.

Your age is also an important factor, and the severity of your hair loss plays a role. Ideal candidates have plenty of high-quality donor hair, and they have realistic expectations for the procedure.

Learn More About Your Hair Restoration Options

If you’re dealing with severe hair loss and want to improve your appearance, strip grafting at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery could be right for you. Or if your hair loss is less severe, NeoGraft® may be the appropriate treatment. It all depends on your unique situation. Set up a consultation at our office in Wellington to discuss your options for hair restoration. We proudly serve clients in the West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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