Smooth Away Wrinkles with Restylane


Aging is a common part of life. As we grow older, we gain wisdom, we gain experience and in most cases, we gain a sense of contentment with who and what we are. There are a lot of physical changes we go through as we age. For example, as a person ages, their skin changes.

One of the biggest changes your skin will experience as you age is the loss of volume. Your face will lose fat, and you just will not look as full or as plump as you once did. While most people cannot see the effects of aging in their face until they are in their early to mid-thirties, the truth is that your skin and your face start age when you are in your twenties. The extent to which the aging process takes hold on your face is going to vary depending on your genetics and external factors such as the amount of time you spend in the sun, whether or not you smoke and how much pollution is in the environment. Regardless of the speed at which it happens, there are a few things that affect all of us as we age.

Another big change has to do with the amount of hyaluronic acid you have in your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that your body produces to give your skin its elasticity and to make it look plump and full. As we age, our body starts to produce less hyaluronic acid. Your skin loses volume, and you start to see wrinkles and folds appear.

People try a lot of different options to reverse the negative affect the loss of hyaluronic acid has on their skin. They do everything from skin resurfacing to surgery. The problem is that many of these procedures are not effective or they are so invasive that the risks associated with them are worse than the benefits derived from them.

This is one of the reasons why many people are attracted to injectables like Restylane®. Restylane® is a powerful skin care product that can help you look younger. One of the biggest benefits that come from using Restylane® is that you can achieve tremendous results with little to no downtime, and you do not need surgery.

Restylane® has been uniquely designed to add volume and fullness to your mid-face. This includes the area around your nose and your cheeks. Interestingly, when a person is young, the area around their cheeks is full. In fact, this plumpness is one of the signs we equate with youth.

Restylane® is an effective way to address facial wrinkles, smile lines and other wrinkles that occur in your mid-face. As you age, you will notice lines on your mouth and on your lips. Restylane® can reverse those lines, giving you fuller, thicker, more attractive lips.

Thousands of people have benefited from the help that Restylane® provides. They have natural-looking results, and they walk away feeling like a better version of themselves.

The aging process is unstoppable. It is insidious, and it is a natural part of life. Thankfully, products like Restylane® can help you take control over the way you age. Schedule a consultation at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington to learn more about how this injectable can benefit you. Contact us today to book your appointment.


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