Sculpt the New You with ThermiTight

Sculpt the New You with ThermiTight

Cellulite is one of those things that makes itself far more prominent with time and age. It also can appear after rapid weight loss, and for some young people, it shows itself. 

That stubborn dimpled skin tends not to budge even a little bit, no matter how much exercise we do, what creams and lotions we apply, and how healthy our diet is. Oftentimes, another related issue creeps up on us with age, too, such as saggy skin.

Sound familiar? If it does, you owe it to yourself to learn a bit about a revolutionary non-surgical treatment called ThermiTight.

What Is ThermiTight?

This advanced body sculpting treatment targets tr4he root cause of cellulite to smooth the appearance of skin by relieving the dimples that appear on it. ThermiTight is sometimes called ThermiLift or ThermiRF (all three refer to the same procedure). 

It’s a minimally invasive cellulite treatment that results in softer, more youthful skin, even on those stubborn areas of the body where cellulite sticks around no matter what you do. It also tightens sagging or loose skin without the need for surgery.

ThermiTight is a body sculpting solution that can help get you back to your tighter, brighter, more youthful appearance.

There are many areas of the body where ThermiTight can be used, some of which include:

  • The arms
  • The knees 
  • The breasts
  • The neck
  • The abdomen
  • The thighs
  • The tummy
  • Love handles
  • The back
  • The jowls
  • Bra fat

The skin loses elasticity as people age, and collagen production slows. This cellulite treatment helps you look as young as you feel and helps sustain long-term results by stimulating your body’s natural ability to produce collagen. 

How Does ThermiTight Work?

During a cellulite treatment session with ThermiTight, we use a specialized handheld laser device to provide controlled heat to the area of the body we’re treating based on your consultation. As we hold the device over the area, a tiny probe (called a fiber) is gently placed beneath the skin’s surface and heats the tissue to a specific temperature. 

The heat is provided via radiofrequency energy and effectively combats cellulite. It smooths and tightens skin tissue, boosts collagen production, and provides the skin tissues with the hydration they need to recapture some of their natural self-smoothing ability.

Are You a Good Candidate for ThermiTight?

Generally speaking, an ideal candidate for this body sculpting procedure is an adult who has lax or sagging skin. Our average candidate is also typically not interested in (or is not a candidate for) surgical solutions. 

The candidate may also have trouble areas plagued with cellulite that has not responded to exercise, diet, or topical solutions. Candidates should be in overall good health and uphold realistic expectations about the procedure.

Whether all of the years you spent out in the sun are finally catching up with your skin, you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, or you’re just ready to do something about the loose skin or cellulite that’s bothering you, ThermiTight can help. This advanced technology has revolutionized cellulite care and offers people like you a non-surgical option for highly effective body sculpting.

In addition, if you want tighter, smoother skin and better results than non-invasive procedures can provide but don’t want invasive surgery, you might be a good candidate for this cellulite treatment. Finally, if you want to experience results similar to what Botox can give that last longer, this may be an excellent option for you.

Results: What to Expect

This micro-invasive procedure has produced immediate results that improve over time. The best part is that your results could last for several years. 

ThermiTight has been shown to tighten skin much more successfully than any other similar type of treatment available. For example, liposuction can tighten the skin by a factor of 8, while ThermiTight can tighten skin by a factor of 30 or more. 

What Is the ThermiTight Procedure Like?

The procedure itself can take 30 minutes to two hours to complete and is done in-office. Many patients only need one treatment session to get the results they are looking for. 

We will first use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. A small cannula, or fiber, is used to transmit radiofrequency energy under the skin’s surface, and a thermometer reads the temperature of the tissue as it is heated. 

The cannula is moved back and forth very slowly in a fan-shaped pattern. This technique ensures that all treatment areas are covered. We also move the cannula in a criss-cross pattern over the treatment area for maximum effectiveness.

An infrared camera reads the temperature of the surface of the skin. Both temperatures are constantly monitored to ensure safe ranges are met and held. This controlled heating helps contract and tighten tissue and promote collagen production.

ThermiTight is a cellulite treatment that the FDA has cleared as safe and effective. The same procedure can target areas with excess fat to kill fat cells so the body can then process and eliminate them. This non-surgical procedure is very easily tolerated. Patients report only feeling pressure or warmth while undergoing ThermiTight. 

ThermiTight Body Sculpting in Wellington, FL

ThermiTight is safe for all skin types, and the outer skin does not experience any damage during the treatment. There is minimal downtime (if any) required since the procedure does not require general anesthesia. Our specialists perform ThermiTight in a comfortable, private room in our office.

If you’re interested in learning more about ThermiTight or you want to see if you’d make a good candidate for the procedure, contact the friendly staff at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery today.


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