Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with BOTOX


Intellectually, every single one of us understands that we are going to get older. Throughout our entire life, we watch as the people around us go from being young and vital to eventually getting older. It is easy for us to identify the effects of aging on someone who we have not seen for an extended period of time. For example, if we have a friend who moves away for a few years and they come back, it can be startling to see the changes that aging has had on their face.

However, it can be difficult to identify the effects of aging on our own appearance. This is because the aging process is slow and insidious. However, once the changes become so pronounced that we can actually notice them, we look at ourselves in the mirror and the change in our appearance can feel jarring.

One of the most recognizable signs of aging is the development of wrinkles. A person can almost become obsessed with identifying the new wrinkles that develop on their face. BOTOX® is a treatment that is designed to combat the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is specifically designed to address dynamic wrinkles.

For many people, the term dynamic wrinkles is new. Basically, dynamic wrinkles are the wrinkles caused when your muscles contract underneath your skin. You see dynamic wrinkles when you smile, when you frown or when you laugh. When the muscles underneath your skin contract, your skin bunches together and the result is lines. Dynamic wrinkles usually appear on your forehead, around your eyes and around the sides of your mouth.

BOTOX® addresses dynamic wrinkles by interrupting the signals that your nerves send to your muscles. It encourages the muscles in your face to relax. This in turn allows the dynamic wrinkles that are created through muscle contraction to gradually disappear.

It is good to understand the difference between dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. As the name implies, static wrinkles are wrinkles that are on your face regardless of any facial expression. Static wrinkles are created as a result of the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin. They are also caused by the loss of facial volume, which causes your skin to sag. It is important to understand that static wrinkles cannot be treated with BOTOX®.

Dynamic wrinkles have been treated by BOTOX® for more than a decade. BOTOX® has been approved by the FDA. As long as you are in relatively good health, BOTOX® can be a powerful tool in helping you get dynamic wrinkles under control.

Seeing the aging process play out on your face can be frustrating. If you want to reverse the signs of aging, schedule an appointment at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington. A simple BOTOX® treatment at our office is an effective way to slow that process down. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.


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