Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

hair loss

Hair loss, particularly pattern balding, is caused by weakened follicles that no longer produce hair cells in the normal three-part cycle. The underlying cause is tissue damage, poor circulation in an area of the scalp and a buildup of foreign and body-produced chemicals. Improving the condition of the scalp can result in a renormalizing of hair growth phases. Red light therapy, also known as low-dose laser therapy, helps stimulate healthier tissue growth and can actually revitalize individual hair follicles. This therapy is a cosmetic form of treatment, and it has helped countless thousands of individuals overcome the problems of patterned hair loss.

Candidates for Red Light Therapy

The ideal candidate will be experiencing thinning hair growth in localized regions on the scalp. Those with a hereditary condition are considered to be the best candidates for this type of treatment. There are several different classification methods for determining the degree of hair loss. We can determine whether an individual falls within one of these categories after scheduling a consultation and closely examining the areas of the scalp where thinning occurs.

How Red Light Therapy Works

A derivative of testosterone present in the skin of the scalp has much to do with how effectively hair cells grow from a follicle. If levels are far from the norm, patterned hair loss and noticeable thinning occurs. Red light therapy is so-named because it uses longwave frequencies of light. These light waves are also known as heat waves because their energy, when absorbed, interacts directly with the absorbing material. The absorbed material heats up slightly. When gentle heat is applied to the scalp, it stimulates blood flow to the area.

The idea behind red light therapy is to increase blood flow in the skin and subdermal tissues of the scalp. The light photons act on chemicals in the skin and follicles, and the result is an increased production of adenosine triphosphate, abbreviated as ATP. The ATP is then converted to cyclic ATP, a substance necessary for the production of hair cells.

A Simple, Non-Invasive Treatment

During this treatment, the client is subjected to red light frequencies delivered from a handheld or mounted instrument. The lamp is flashed for a brief period of time. We normally schedule multiple treatment sessions, spaced a set amount of time apart. The client need not worry about burned skin because the energy level is rather low, even though the light beams are tightly focused. The resting period between sessions is necessary only to allow new tissue production to occur and for the body to send blood and nutrients to the affected areas.

Learn More About Red Light Therapy

If you are an adult male or female and are now experiencing thinning hair on certain areas of your scalp, we invite you to learn more about red light therapy during a consultation at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches. We have offices in Wellington and Boynton Beach. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our specialist!


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