Most Natural Breast Augmentation: Round Implants or Teardrop?

Breast Augmentation

There are plenty of reasons why a woman might seek breast augmentation, such as correcting natural breast asymmetry, enlarging breast size, looking better in clothing, and even reconstructing the breasts. Many women desire for their breast augmentation to look as natural as possible. For natural breast augmentation, trust the experts at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach, FL to help you achieve the result you want.

Which Is the Most Natural Breast Augmentation: Round Implants or Teardrop?

When it comes to what type of implant is the most natural-looking, there is debate among experts and women alike. For example, one of the factors considered is how natural the breast looks when laying down versus how natural the breast looks when sitting or standing.

Most agree, however, that teardrop-shaped implants, also called shaped implants and anatomical implants, deliver the most natural-looking results across the board.

Why Is It Called Natural Breast Augmentation?

Teardrop implants, like the gemstone cut, have a tear-like shape where the top is slightly tapered and less full, and the bottom is rounder, wider, and fuller. Round implants, on the other hand, have an evenly circular shape around the entire implant. Even just thinking about the general shapes, it’s easy to see that teardrop implants have the closest mimicry to the shape of the natural breast.

This is why breast augmentation that involves a teardrop-shaped implant is most commonly referred to as a natural breast augmentation – because the results are designed to look and feel as natural as possible.

Top 5 Reasons Natural Breast Augmentation Might Be Right for You

Natural breast augmentation is quickly becoming one of the more preferred types of breast augmentation, especially among women who want to have a subtler enhancement or enjoy more diversity from their treatment. In addition to looking the most natural, a few other reasons to consider natural augmentation includes:

1. Natural Texture

Teardrop implants have a unique advantage when it comes to the texture or feel of the breast. While traditional round implants use either silicone or saline, teardrop implants tend to use a “form-stable” type of silicone-based filler. The stable form of the silicone means that the shape of the implant will remain static, meaning the filling of the implant will not shift upward when you lay down, unlike saline which continually moves in response to gravitational shifts.

Teardrop implants feel more natural to the touch and also fill in clothes more naturally. This can be important for buying intimate apparel, as teardrop-shaped implants will fill bra cups the same as a natural breast and make it easier to buy bras that are the right size.

2. Good Reconstructive Surgery Options

Reconstructive surgery refers to breast augmentation surgery that is done on patients who have had natural breast tissue removed, usually breast cancer survivors. Teardrop implants are good options for reconstructive surgery because they do not require a lot of existing breast tissue for placement. Teardrop implants can also restore the natural shape of the breast before mastectomy.

3. Teardrops Stay in Place

Aside from the filling of a teardrop implant staying in place, the implant itself has a rougher outer texture that prevents the implant from shifting around during healing. Because of the rough outer texture of the implant, breast tissues will more easily latch onto the implant over the course of healing and essentially lock the implant in place, again reinforcing the natural appearance of the breast.

The texture of the implant may also prevent the development of implant complications, most notably capsular contracture, which is what occurs when the breast implant hardens during the recovery period.

4. No Rippling or Visibility

Rippling and breast implant visibility are common in saline-type implants, particularly round implants that may shift over the course of time. Rippling occurs if there is a change in the placement of the implant, if there has been any weight loss, if the implant is older, if the skin around the implant is thinning, and if the implant itself is leaking.

Teardrop implants bypass the rippling and visibility complication with their texture and unique construction, which improves the overall results of the breast augmentation procedure.

5. Ideal for Above-Muscle Placement

Traditionally, all types of breast implants can be placed above or under the muscle. Depending on the type of result you want, the placement of the breast implant can make the results look more or less natural. With round implants, the best way to get natural results is with under-muscle placement. However, for patients who do not have significant muscle or breast tissue, under-muscle placement may not be possible.

For those patients, the above-muscle placement is the only other method available. But when the above-muscle placement is done with round implants, the results don’t appear as natural. Teardrop implants, on the other hand, can be done both under and above the muscle, and are particularly ideal for patients who require above-muscle placement.

How Do You Know If Round or Teardrop Implants Are Right for You?

The choice between round and teardrop implants ultimately comes down to the type of results you are looking for. If you want the most natural-looking and natural-feeling results possible, then teardrop implants are likely the best option available to you.

It’s possible that round implants may achieve natural-looking results, but patients will have to meet certain qualifications, such as having an adequate amount of breast tissue. The majority of patients can achieve a natural-looking result with teardrop implants regardless of their natural amount of breast tissue.

Natural Breast Augmentation FAQs

1. What Is the Procedure Like?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure requiring the use of general anesthesia, commonly performed on an out-patient basis. The procedure itself requires a small incision, placing and positioning the breast implant, and then closing the incision. Breast augmentation will take about one to three hours to complete.

Incision Options

You have several options for the type of incision that will be used for your surgery, which will be determined by your surgeon and the results you want. Common incision options include:

  • Lower breast
  • Underarm
  • Belly button

2. Is There a Best Time for Treatment?

Yes and no. While you can certainly have a breast augmentation at any time of your life, there may be some wisdom in waiting to have your treatment until after you are no longer planning to be pregnant or breastfeed.

This is only because the changes caused to the breast by pregnancy can be unpredictable and may impact the overall outcome of your breast augmentation.

3. How Much Larger Can Implants Make Your Breasts?

Implants can enhance the size of your breast by one or several cup sizes. Your surgeon will work with you to understand your appearance goals and help you pick an implant size that is ideal for your body shape and goals. It’s generally recommended that implants only increase your breast size by one or two cups.

4. Is Saline or Silicone Better?

The choice between saline and silicone is a tough one for many patients. Comparing these implants apples to apples, they are both equally as healthy for the patient and can achieve natural-looking results depending on the type of placement.

Some patients prefer saline implants because any implant leaks will be naturally absorbed by the body; on the other hand, saline implants are more susceptible to capsular contracture and rippling. Other patients prefer silicone implants because they are more difficult to damage; however, silicone implants may require more urgency to remove if damaged. Ultimately, the choice of which implant filler you choose if depends on your aesthetic goals.

5. Should You Ask Your Plastic Surgeon About Gummy bear Implants?

“Form-stable” silicone implants are also called gummy bear implants, and they’re slightly different from the silicone used in round implants. If you want your breast implants to have the most natural-feeling texture possible or texture that mimics the natural texture of the breast, then you should ask your surgeon about the possibility of using gummy bear implants.

6. How Long Do Implants Last?

Implants are designed to last for several years. The shelf life on an implant can be as long as 10 to 20 years, sometimes more depending on how well the implant was placed, the integrity of the implant, and how much pressure the implant is exposed to over time, such as from car accidents or mammograms.

7. Can You Still Breastfeed After Natural Breast Augmentation?

Yes, most patients are still able to breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery. Some patients worry that the filling of the implant will be passed through breastmilk, but that is not the case. There is no risk associated with breastfeeding after you have implants.

However, breastfeeding in general causes a significant change to the shape of the breast, and even if you have implants, your breast size could change after you are no longer producing breastmilk. It’s best to speak with your surgeon about how you can expect the breast implant to behave during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

8. Can Breast Implants Correct Sagging Breasts?

No, breast implants alone cannot correct sagging breasts. If your breasts are not as perky or youthful as you would like them to be, then the best course of action is to seek a breast lift to correct the loosening breast tissues. However, you can always opt to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift, which will correct both the size and position of the breasts.

9. Will Breast Implants Create Cleavage?

Although breast augmentation will enhance the size and shape of the breasts, the surgery may not move the breasts closer together. It’s a common misconception that breast implants will create enough fullness to have natural cleavage; however, cleavage is created by bra design and the position of the breasts. You may be able to have cleavage more easily if you wear the right type of bra and if you speak with your surgeon about lifting your breasts.

10. Who Are the Best Candidates for Teardrop Implants?

The best candidates for teardrop implants are those who want to achieve a natural-looking and natural-feeling result. Teardrop implant candidates include those who have very little breast tissue and those who would prefer – or need to have – above-muscle implant placement. You may be a good candidate for teardrop implants if you want:

  • Natural and subtle results
  • Better recovery results
  • Less risk of rippling
  • Fill clothing in more natural

Get the Natural Look With Natural Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has come a long way since the first round saline implants used decades ago. These days, patients have many implants to choose from to achieve natural-looking results, including teardrop-shaped implants. To get the natural look you want with natural breast augmentation, contact Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach, FL today!


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