Minimize the Appearance of Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTOX in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

BOTOX® isn’t a miracle age-reversing agent, but it might be the next best thing. Many of us don’t want to undergo surgical skin tightening, and we don’t want to risk the chance of skin bleaching or other disastrous hyperpigmentation resulting from peel treatments or abrasive resurfacing. BOTOX® helps eliminate dynamic wrinkles on the face and forehead without the need for any invasive procedure.

Here in West Palm Beach, we offer our skin-smoothing services to all who are concerned about the annoying dynamic wrinkles that affect our appearance. When we smile or frown, we want others to see a youthful countenance on our face. BOTOX® is a simple treatment that helps assure this.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

Dynamic wrinkles form when the facial or forehead skin is pulled or relaxed as a result of muscle contraction, specifically the upper-level muscles that lie just below the skin. These muscles are responsible for the narrowing of our eyes, the pursing of our lips, and the raising of our cheeks when we smile or frown. Unfortunately, these muscle contractions pinch the skin in a manner that results in the appearance of tiny smile lines and crow’s feet. We smile and look years older.

However, no one wants this but the solution is simple with BOTOX® which is a neuromodulator. These injections relax the muscles and dynamic wrinkles begin to smooth out.

This neuromodulator, when injected into the upper-level facial muscles, inhibits nerve signal transmission. The brain tells the muscles to contract, but they can no longer fully do so. The individual can still smile, pout, or make frowning expressions, but the skin stays more taut, and the dynamic wrinkles no longer appear.

The Injection Procedure

BOTOX® treatments can usually be performed in just minutes. We want to consult with the client first, however. We need to see the extent of wrinkling so that we can determine how much of the neuromodulator fluid to use and where to inject it.

The BOTOX® fluid settles directly into the muscle tissue, and it takes about two or three days for the full signal-inhibiting process to become noticeable. Afterwards, the individual will notice that smiling, raising the eyebrows, or pursing the lips doesn’t cause much skin pinching or pulling.

The face won’t feel numb because BOTOX® doesn’t affect sensory nerves. The full effect of the treatment lasts for multiple months. After this period, when noticeable smile lines return, repeat injections are administered. Less of the injection fluid may be used in each subsequent treatment because the muscles are getting used to remaining in a relaxed state.

Advantages and Benefits

BOTOX® treatment involves no skin repositioning, no peel acids, and no abrasive resurfacing. It doesn’t treat the skin directly, so there is no chance of adverse reactions to the skin itself. Because it doesn’t affect the skin, the treatments are suitable for all skin tones.

Minimize Dynamic Wrinkles Without Surgery

Simply have BOTOX® injections performed by us, and you’ll look and feel younger. Get in touch with us at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington to schedule a consultation. We’ll give you information on all treatment options and show you why BOTOX® is so popular here in West Palm Beach. Contact us today to book an appointment!


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