Look Your Best After NeoGraft Treatment


Certain things about your appearance can have a drastic and detrimental effect on your psyche. One example of this is losing your hair. Most men understand that as they age, it is likely that they are going to start to lose their hair. But there’s something inside every single man that makes them believe that they are going to be the exception to the rule. They believe that as they get older, they’re going to be able to hold onto their full and healthy head of hair. And then nature begins to take its toll. As this happens, a man can start to lose his self-esteem. He might lose confidence in who he is and in his appearance. When this happens to a woman, the effects can be even more detrimental. Fortunately, NeoGraft® can help both men and women who are dealing with hair loss.

NeoGraft® is an exciting tool that many men and women have been able to use to reverse the negative effects of hair loss. With this procedure, hair is transplanted from a donor site and is used to fill in the area where the hair loss was located. The entire procedure is relatively quick and is very effective.

Once the procedure is done, the healing phase starts. During the healing phase, it is important to follow our team’s instructions for optimal results. One of the great things about this treatment is the relatively quick recovery. Most patients experience hair restoration in just months!

Another thing that attracts many people to NeoGraft® is the fact that the treatment is minimally-invasive. There is no need to undergo an invasive surgical procedure with NeoGraft®. This is an extremely convenient procedure for people with busy schedules and lifestyles.

If you are sick and tired of your hair loss and are ready to take the necessary steps to look your best, make an appointment at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches to see if NeoGraft® hair restoration is right for you. We are proud to offer a variety of hair restoration treatments at our office.

For your convenience, Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches has locations in Wellington and Boynton Beach. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about NeoGraft®!


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