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If the discomfort or extensive downtime of hair restoration procedures has stopped you from getting the beautiful hair you desire, you are in luck. There is an easy and innovative new method that is both minimally-invasive and highly effective. It’s called NeoGraft® hair restoration, and the procedure has almost no downtime or discomfort. Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach, FL is here to guide you through the process and explain what NeoGraft® can do for you.

What is NeoGraft®?

NeoGraft® is a newer hair transplant system which allows for the harvesting of follicles during a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant to be done automatically rather than manually.

With advantages such as fuller, more natural-looking hair and a simple process, the NeoGraft® procedure is the breakthrough in hair restoration for men and women. It is also listed as the only Class One FDA-automated medical device for hair restoration.

The NeoGraft® system harvests, collects, and implants individual follicular grafts (pulled hairs) through a simple-to-use platform that reduces recovery time and provides absolutely no linear scarring. This procedure also dramatically improves the accuracy and speed compared to previously popular manual extraction methods.

The Process

First, NeoGraft® removes hair from a donor site at the back of your head where your hair genetically resists testosterone (which causes balding). This extracted hair will become known as donor hair. Through “controlled pneumatic pressure,” the NeoGraft® hair restoration system can slide the grafts out as smoothly as possible, ensuring that there is no damage to the hair follicle. These grafts are then implanted into the scalp again much sooner than other methods of hair transplanting. This keeps the hair stronger and allows for a more natural-looking hairline.

Next, every graft is extracted with exact precision, ensuring the same diameter and length of hair follicles; this increases the hair take rate. We can then create recipient sites on your head following the angles, directions, and orientations that were specifically designed for you.

The follicles are skillfully transplanted into thinning or balding areas on the scalp. The meticulous individual harvesting and natural implementation ensure the best and most natural results.

Is NeoGraft® Hair Restoration for Me?

Patients who would like to see the least amount of downtime, discomfort or activity restriction post-transplant may be good candidates for the NeoGraft® system. At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL, we understand the intricacies of hair loss and the existence of different methods for different people. We can help you find the right method for you. Contact us today to book a consultation!


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