Breast Augmentation Natural Looking

Benefit From Breast Augmentation

If you would like to achieve subtle, attractive improvements in your chest, you’re in luck. There are a variety of implants that can change the size and shape of your breasts in a sophisticated, natural manner. At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery, located in Wellington, FL and providing services to people living in West Palm Beach, Florida, we can use different techniques to provide you with a natural looking breast augmentation.

Is Saline the Most Natural Looking Breast Augmentation?

Saline and silicone implants can be used to change the symmetry, size, and shape of your breasts. Silicone implants may look and feel more natural than saline implants. In fact, many people say that silicone implants provide the most natural looking breast augmentation. However, since everyone’s chest is unique, the type of breast augmentation that will work best for you will depend on the condition of your breasts, the changes that you are trying to achieve, and other factors.

Silicone Implants

These implants are filled with a special type of silicone. Silicone implants are used in over 90% of all breast augmentation procedures, and a scientific survey found that people who received silicone implants were happier with the changes in their breasts than people who received other types of breast implants.

As a result, silicone implants are a great way to achieve larger breasts that look and feel very natural and genuine. These implants are also designed to make your breasts look natural when they move. Further, since these implants are made in a large range of shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to find an option that will work for you.

Saline Implants

If you are concerned about developing scars after you receive your breast augmentation, you might benefit from receiving saline implants. Since this type of implant is very easy to insert into your body, we will make smaller incisions during your procedure. Further, if you have a silicone allergy, saline implants are a much better option for you.

Fat Transfer

We can also use your own fat cells to augment your breasts. During a fat transfer, we will use liposuction to harvest fat from your stomach, thighs, or other places where you have unwanted fat deposits. Next, we will process this fat and inject it into your breasts. Because we will use your body’s own cells to enhance your chest, the changes in your appearance will look very realistic.

If you are looking for a minimally invasive way to improve your chest, you will probably benefit from receiving this type of breast augmentation. Since we will inject the fat cells into your breasts, you will not receive any incisions in this area of your body. Further, since this type of augmentation is not intended to create large increases in your cup size, this procedure is an ideal way to make subtle improvements in your chest.

How Large Should My Implants Be?

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters. The smallest implants are about 120 cubic centimeters. This type of implant will increase the size of your bust by about half a cup. Very large implants are around 800 cubic centimeters.

A Personal Choice

As you might expect, the type of implant that will work for you will depend on the size of your breasts, your body type, and the changes that you are trying to achieve in your bust. If you would like the changes in your breasts to look natural, you’ll probably receive implants that are between 250 and 350 cubic centimeters.

Analyzing Your Options

We have a great deal of experience selecting implants that will provide you with a natural looking breast augmentation. When you have your initial consultation at our office in Wellington, we will examine your body and recommend specific implant sizes that will work for you.

What Should I Expect During My Breast Enhancement Procedure?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that usually takes about one to three hours to complete. You’ll receive general anesthesia at the beginning of your procedure.

Selecting Your Incision Site

Once you are sedated, we will make small incisions into your breasts. Depending on your desired look and the type of implants that you are receiving, we can place these incisions in a variety of locations.

We are likely to place your incisions at the bottom of your breasts. Under some circumstances, we might place your incisions in the dark skin around your nipples or in your armpits.

Positioning Your Implants

After we have made your incisions, we will gently place your implants into your body. We can put your implants under the muscles in your chest or under the tissues in your breasts.

Going Home

After we have inserted your implants, we will close your incisions. Once the anesthesia wears off, you’ll be able to go home. Since you will be very tired at this point, you should bring along a friend who can drive you back to your house.

How Long Will I Have to Stay at Home While My Breasts Heal?

You’ll need to stay home from your job and take it easy for a few days after you receive this procedure. During this time, you should avoid exercising, lifting heavy items, or doing other strenuous physical tasks. Letting your body rest will shorten your recovery period and allow you to quickly return to your usual schedule.

After you return to your home, you’ll need to wear bandages on your chest for a while. These bandages will help your breast tissues heal. After we take off your bandages, you will have to wear a special bra for the next several weeks.

How Long Will My Breast Implants Take to Settle?

If your breasts look very tight and firm after your procedure is complete, don’t worry. It’s normal for your implants to remain in a very high position on your chest for the next several weeks. You are especially likely to notice this change if you made significant enhancements to the size of your chest. Further, your breasts are likely to experience this issue if you have elastic, firm skin.

As your tissues adjust to your implants, your breasts will settle into a lower position on your chest. It’s normal for this process to take a couple of weeks to complete.

How Long Will My Breast Augmentation Last?

The longevity of your breast implants will depend on the type of implants that you choose, your body’s reaction to your implants, and other factors. In general, if you live a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your body, your breast implants are likely to last for many years.

Can I Receive Mammograms After I Get Breast Implants?

A mammogram is an important diagnostic tool that is used to detect and diagnose breast cancer and other illnesses.

An Important Diagnostic Tool

When breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the survival rate is often very high. As a result, receiving regular mammograms can be a good way to protect your health and increase your chances of successfully treating this disease. If you have a normal risk of getting breast cancer, many medical professionals recommend that you begin to receive regular mammograms when you are over the age of forty-five.

Receiving a Mammogram

Fortunately, getting a breast augmentation will not prevent you from using this important diagnostic tool to protect your health. That said, your medical provider may need to make adjustments to carefully screen your breasts. To ensure that you have a positive experience during your screening, you should tell your medical provider that you have implants when you schedule your mammogram.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Enhancement?

If you’ve always dreamed about having a fuller, more attractive bust, you might be able to achieve this outcome by getting a breast augmentation. In general, you will be a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure if you are in good health and you don’t suffer from a bleeding disorder, diabetes, cancer, or other significant medical issues.

To obtain the best results from this procedure, you should also be a nonsmoker. Smoking cigarettes constricts your blood vessels and makes it more difficult for your body to heal after an invasive procedure. Quitting smoking before your augmentation will enhance your health and shorten your recovery period.

Can I Receive This Procedure if I Am Planning To Have Children in the Future?

You can receive a breast augmentation if you are planning to have children in the future. During your initial consultation, we can talk about augmentation options that will help you successfully breastfeed your children after you receive your breast augmentation.

However, you need to understand that going through pregnancy is likely to alter the size, shape, and position of your breasts. As a result, it’s common to receive this procedure after your family is complete.

Can I Receive a Breast Augmentation After I’ve Had a Mastectomy?

A mastectomy is a medical procedure that removes the tissues in your chest area. This procedure is frequently used to treat breast cancer. It’s very normal to feel upset when the appearance of your chest changes after you get this procedure.

A breast augmentation can be used to rebuild your chest and return your body to its previous appearance. When you have your initial meeting with us, we will discuss how implants and other techniques can be used to reconstruct your bust.

Can a Breast Augmentation Procedure Be Used to Fix Sagging Breasts?

A breast augmentation procedure is designed to change the shape, size, or symmetry of your breasts. This procedure is not intended to correct the sagging issues that often develop as you get older.

Lifting Your Breasts

If you want to correct sagging breasts, we will probably advise you to receive a breast lift. During this cosmetic procedure, we will tighten the skin on your chest and reposition your breasts. Once you recover, your breasts will be tighter and more youthful-looking.

Combining Procedures

Receiving a breast augmentation and a breast lift is a great way to completely transform your chest. Depending on your unique circumstances, we may be able to perform both of these procedures at the same time. If you want to lift your chest and change the size of your breasts, we can discuss these goals during our initial meeting. We’ll let you know if you are eligible to receive both of these aesthetic procedures.

Improve Your Bust

If you’ve always wanted a fuller chest or more symmetrical breasts, you should consider getting a breast augmentation. Saline or silicone implants will enhance your silhouette and increase your self-confidence. If you live in West Palm Beach, Florida and you want to learn more about the benefits of receiving natural looking breast augmentation, contact us at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL to schedule an appointment today.


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