Is It Difficult To Remove Breast Implants?

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You thought that your breast augmentation would be the key to unlocking a new era of happiness. You thought that the results would be enough to buoy your sense of self esteem. Everything seemed so perfect, but over time the results may not be quite what you were expecting. Perhaps your new breasts have begun to cause you pain or discomfort. Or maybe they simply don’t have the appearance that you expected them to and, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve begun to miss your old breasts.

A breast augmentation is the most common and popular forms of cosmetic surgery, and it’s easy to see why. The breasts are not only key facet in a woman’s femininity, they can also help to dictate her body shape. They can determine which clothes look the most flattering and can be intrinsically linked to her self-confidence. Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery because they want to subtly enhance their breasts to give them a rounder, fuller breast that gives them shape and confidence. Most women who undergo the procedure benefit from increased confidence and psychological well being. Nonetheless, there are some for whom an augmentation is far from what they imagined.

If you are one of these women, and are having second thoughts about your augmentation, you may be wondering…

Is It Difficult To Remove Breast Implants?

We’re not going to bury the lede on this. However, while the answer to this question is fairly simple, it does come with some caveats.

Simply put… No, the removal of breast implants is not difficult, especially to a skilled and highly experienced surgeon like Doctor Nir.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that every breast (just like every woman) is different. No surgeon, however, experience skilled and (dare we say it) talented can predict with 100% accuracy how a breast implant removal will go or exactly what the results will be.

Here we’ll look at some of the reasons why a woman may want to have her breast implants removed, and the implications that this may have on the procedure as well as detailing the specifics of the procedure itself and the importance of aftercare.

Reasons Why Women Might Want To Have Their Breast Implants Removed

Once again, every woman is unique and her reasons for wanting to have her breast implants removed can be highly personal. Nonetheless, in our experience, a breast implant removal is most commonly necessitated by;

  • The patient wanting to adjust the size of the implant (a breast revision surgery).
  • The patient is disappointed with how her implants look and feel and wants to go back to the way she was before her augmentation.
  • The patient is experiencing capsular contracture (whereby the scar tissue around the breast has tightened leading to discomfort and distortion of the breast shape).
  • The breast implant has leaked or ruptured and the implant needs to be removed for her safety.

We understand that even if you have fallen out of love with your new breasts, the decision to remove your implants is not one that you take lightly. Just as you did when you had your augmentation, you’ll likely want to know exactly what the procedure entails and how you and your surgeon can work together to achieve the most optimal results.

What Does A Breast Implant Removal Entail?

A breast implant removal is a simple procedure that’s usually carried out using a local anaesthetic. In some cases a twilight anaesthesia may be used. This is where a very mild dose of general anesthetic is administered to induce a state of anxiolysis (anxiety relief). This is recommended for patients who have anxieties or phobias about their surgeries. You will be sedated yet remain conscious. After your surgery you may have no memory of the procedure even though you were awake. This is called retrograde amnesia and is a perfectly normal consequence of twilight anaesthesia.

The surgeon reopens the original incision that was made when the breast was first augmented, in the inframammary fold (beneath the breast) or around the edge of the areola (periareolar). The implant is then carefully removed. If the implant removal is due to a leaked implant, the surgeon will go to great lengths to remove all remaining silicone from the implant leaks and the scar tissue which is known as the “breast capsule”. The scar tissue left after the breast augmentation may or may not need to be removed. If it has begun to harden the surgeon will remove it although if it is still soft they will leave it be and it will diminish in size as your body heals.

When the surgeon is happy with the results, the incisions are sutured and covered with a surgical dressing and drains are attached which will remain for 2-3 days post-surgery.

Can Complications Arise From A Breast Implant Removal?

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a risk of complications. Although the complication rates are generally less than 1% any surgeon who tells you that there is no risk entailed in a breast implant removal is remiss in their duties.

Some complications that may arise include;

  • Bleeding
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • Infection
  • Poor healing of incisions
  • Skin loss
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation especially around the nipple and areola
  • Swelling or discoloration of the skin
  • Looseness of the skin
  • Fatty tissue deep in the skin may start to die (fat necrosis)
  • Asymmetrical breasts after healing
  • Persistent pain
  • Scarring

Once again, it’s important to remember that while these are highly unlikely they should be borne in mind when considering any surgical procedure. The good news is that you can significantly reduce your risk of complications.

What Can I Do To Reduce The Risk Of Complications?

It’s absolutely imperative that you follow your surgeon’s instructions following your procedure as this will go a long way towards reducing your risk of complications and help to ensure that you get the desired cosmetic results.

For example, you will likely be asked to wrap your chest wall for a week or so after your surgery to keep the tissue compressed. This is an extremely important step as keeping the affected tissues compressed will help your new body shape to heal properly, in a smooth and even way.

It’s also very important to ensure that you maintain a relaxed lifestyle for at least a few days after surgery. Stress, strain or movement in the affected area can prevent surgical wounds from healing properly and lead to complications.

In most cases, patients are able to return to work and their normal lives (apart from any strenuous exercise) within a week or so. Your surgeon will be able to give you detailed personalized instructions for a completely optimal recovery.

Thinking Of Having Your Breast Implants Removed? Talk To Us!

We don’t expect you to make such a momentous decision as having a breast implant removed without due consideration. While this blog is intended to give readers a better idea of what goes into procedures like breast implant removal, there’s no substitute for speaking to a dedicated and empathetic member of our team.

If you want to know more about the procedure, give us a call on 561-899-8118. We’ll be only too happy to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and provide you with peace of mind.

Plus, needless to say, when you choose us you put yourself in the care of one of the most trusted and respected surgeons in the state.

Why You Can Trust Doctor Nir

Entrusting a surgeon with your breast implant removal procedure is not a decision to be made lightly. Doctor Nir and his support team understand this and want to take every care possible to earn your trust. When you choose us you have access to the very best combination of surgical talent and cutting-edge technology. Doctor Nir understands that you have a great many cosmetic surgeons to choose from and that this means the personal touch is all the more important. He is supported by a dedicated, compassionate and empathetic team who will always ensure that you get the very best standard of care and that we are always available to you.

Doctor Nir does not just have the right attitude when it comes to patient care, he also has the credentials to give you peace of mind. After all, why entrust anything as important as a breast implant removal to anyone but the best? He completed his training at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital, the largest teaching hospital in the state. There he was trained extensively in a wide variety of Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgical procedures and entered into private practice in 2001. Since then he has worked tirelessly to refine his practice and serve the South Florida community with expertise and integrity.

Doctor Nir MD FACS is a Board Certified Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon with almost 20 years of experience in Aesthetic Surgery of the Face, Body, and Breasts. His meticulous approach, passion for perfection and genuine care for all of his patients have built a thriving medical practice.

If you’re ready to talk to us about a breast implant removal procedure that number again is 561-899-8118, or you can click here to get in touch.



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