How Effective Is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair Restoration

If you are tired of using large hats or other techniques to cover up your thinning hair and bald spots, you’re in luck. If you live in the West Palm Beach area, you should consider addressing these cosmetic problems by getting a PRP hair restoration treatment at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL. This minimally invasive treatment will use the beneficial properties of your blood to enhance the condition of your hair follicles.

How Effective Is PRP Hair Restoration?

During a PRP hair restoration treatment, we will use a very small sample of your blood to create a platelet-rich plasma substance. We will address your hair loss by carefully injecting this healing substance into your scalp. This gentle technique is very effective, and research has shown that this treatment can be used to address hair loss in a minimally invasive manner.

During one study, people whose hair loss was caused by a common condition called androgenic alopecia received multiple PRP treatments. After three months of PRP sessions, people’s average number of hair follicles increased. Similarly, one study showed that this useful treatment was more effective at correcting hair loss than a very popular over-the-counter medication.

How Will This do Treatment Improve My Hair Loss?

This innovative hair restoration technique will use the natural healing properties of your blood to renew your appearance. During your appointment, we will collect a small sample of your blood. Next, we will use an advanced machine called a centrifuge to separate your platelets from other substances in your blood. This machine will accomplish this task by spinning your blood in a very rapid fashion.

Once we have prepared your platelet-rich sample, we will inject this material into the places where your hair has started to become thin. This beneficial substance will improve the blood flow in the location that contains your damaged hair follicles. Over time, this process will repair your follicles and encourage the growth of new hairs.

Why I Have Started To Lose My Hair?

It’s normal to shed individual strands of hair, and you shouldn’t panic if you notice that you lose a couple of strands when you are using a brush or a comb to untangle your hair. Since you will lose up to 100 individual strands every day, you can also lose hair when you take a shower. That said, certain hormonal changes, health problems, and other factors can cause you to develop bald areas or thin hair.

Going Through a Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, you will experience hormonal changes that can alter the condition of your hair. In particular, you might notice that your hair becomes thinner while you are pregnant and after you give birth. In addition, you might experience pregnancy-related stress that temporarily prevents you from growing new hair.

Experiencing Hereditary Hair Loss

Scientists call hereditary hair loss androgenic alopecia. If you have this condition, your genes will damage your follicles and prevent them from growing new hairs. If you are male, your hairline may start to recede, and you might develop a large bald area on the upper portion of your head. If you are female, the hairs around your part may start to thin.

Dealing With Stressful Events

When you deal with a move, job change, crisis, or another stressful event, you might begin to shed larger amounts of hair. When you feel stressed, the growth cycle of your hair may change. When your stressful event ends, you may struggle to fix your hair loss on your own.

Developing an Illness

Some chronic diseases can cause you to develop hair loss. In particular, your hair may change after you have a thyroid problem or start taking a new type of medication. After you address your underlying medical problem, this aesthetic condition may begin to improve.

Dealing With Sun Exposure

In the summer, you will probably be more likely to spend time doing strenuous outdoor activities that expose you to the sun and cause you to sweat. These activities may cause you to begin shedding higher amounts of hair during the fall. If you are already dealing with hair loss, this change will increase the severity of this cosmetic challenge.

Getting Older

Although you probably already know that you will be likely to have hair loss as you age, you might not understand the causes of this aesthetic problem. If you are a woman, you might experience hair loss when you go through menopause. If you are a man, you may experience a hormonal event that is known as andropause. During this life event, your testosterone levels will decrease, and you may begin to lose some of your hair.

Having a Nutritional Issue

If you don’t eat balanced meals, you might have a nutritional problem that will change the appearance of your hair. In particular, being deficient in protein, iron, or certain vitamins can damage your hair. After you correct your diet, necessary nutrients may take a long time to build up in your system. As a result, you might experience gradual improvements in your hair loss.

What Will Happen After My PRP Treatment Is Complete?

Since this is an outpatient treatment, you’ll typically be able to get up and go back to your normal schedule after we have finished improving your hair. To help you achieve favorable results, we may advise you to drink adequate amounts of water and other hydrating liquids during the next several days. Further, you might be required not to shower or put aesthetic products onto your scalp during the next six hours.

In addition, we may require you to avoid performing challenging physical activities or receiving excessive sun exposure during the next three days. Since taking anti-inflammatory medications can alter your response to your PRP hair restoration treatment, we may need you to adjust your medications for a short period of time.

Should I Receive More Than One PRP Treatment?

You may be happier with the changes in your look if you decide to get more than one PRP treatment. For example, we may recommend getting up to three sessions over a period of several months. After you have restored your lost hair, we may advise you to return to our office in Wellington for follow-up treatments. In particular, you might decide to get two PRP sessions every year.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Hair Loss Method?

If you are unhappy about the appearance of your thinning hair or bald patches, you may be eligible for this hair loss treatment. Before we use this method to enhance the condition of your follicles, we will need to take a look at your scalp and talk about the symptoms that you are experiencing. During this discussion, you should tell us when your aesthetic issues began. We will also need to know if your hair loss is sudden or gradual.

Some health conditions or lifestyle choices may impact your eligibility for this treatment. For example, you might not be able to use this hair loss method if you have a skin disease, cancer, a systemic disorder, a chronic liver disease, or a metabolic condition. Further, you might need to use an alternative hair restoration treatment if you are a heavy smoker or have frequently consumed alcohol in the past.

What Other Hair Loss Treatments Can I Use To Enhance My Look?

We have a large amount of experience using a variety of techniques to address hair loss. Depending on your unique situation, we may advise you to achieve full, healthy-looking hair by using a combination of treatments to fix this aesthetic challenge.

Using New Hair Products

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to address your hair loss, you should think about using products from the HairMedica line. These conditioners and shampoos can improve the health of your scalp and encourage you to grow additional hair. For example, we may advise you to use a silk recovery mask that will shield your follicles from damage.

Similarly, we can provide you with an Argan Intensive Roots Strengthening Shampoo that contains beneficial ingredients like herbs and olive oil. This powerful shampoo can give you stronger, healthier hair. In addition, you can use a Ceramide Strengthening Conditioner to moisturize and nourish your hair. If you experienced aesthetic issues after you bleached your hair, this conditioner can be used to repair this damage.

Getting a NeoGraft Treatment

We can also correct your hair loss by providing you with a minimally invasive treatment called a NeoGraft. We will use the sophisticated Follicular Unit Extraction technique to complete your transplant. We will start your appointment by using medication to numb your scalp. While you are lying in a face-down position, we will remove follicles from the areas where you have full, healthy hair.

It will usually take us up to four hours to remove a sufficient number of hairs from your donor site. After you have taken a short break, we will begin to place these hairs into the locations where you are experiencing aesthetic issues. For example, we might place these follicles into locations where your hair is beginning to thin. This part of your transplant is likely to last for two to four hours.

Receiving a Strip Grafting Procedure

If you are experiencing more significant hair loss, we may advise you to get a strip grafting procedure. Before you receive this procedure, we may instruct you to stop using specific supplements and medications. In addition, you might need to refrain from using tobacco products or consuming alcoholic beverages and recruit a person to drive you home after your procedure is complete.

If you use this method to improve your hair issues, we may begin your appointment by using oral sedation and local anesthesia to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Next, we will gently remove a strip of skin from a location where you have an adequate amount of hair. We will put this graft into a place where you have thinning hair. After your procedure is finished, you will have a short recovery period that will usually last for up to one week.

Improve Your Thinning Hair

When your hair growth decreases and you have bald areas on your head, you might feel self-conscious when you spend time with your co-workers or friends. Receiving PRP hair restoration treatments is a good way to address this aesthetic challenge and achieve fuller hair. If you live in West Palm Beach, you should enhance your look by scheduling a consultation about this treatment at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington, FL.


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