Hair Restoration with Strip Grafting

Hair Restoration with Strip Grafting

When you lose your hair, you feel like you are losing a part of yourself. Your hair gives you confidence about your appearance. It’s one of the first things that you notice when you look in the mirror or at a photograph. You never thought you would be the victim of thinning hair. If things keep on the way they are, you will be bald. You can’t accept hair loss. You’ve tried remedies that are supposed to help, such as online products that are applied to your scalp and medication from your doctor. You’ve bought different kinds of shampoo in hopes of cleansing your scalp in such a way that the follicles will start producing again. None of these alternatives have been effective. Before you wonder if you will have to wear a hat for the rest of your life, consider strip grafting as a solution that could work for you.

Understanding Strip Grafting

Strip grafting is a popular option for hair restoration. It involves removing a small strip of skin from your scalp in areas where you have healthy hair growth. This usually takes place on the sides of the head or the back of the head in a discreet area where there is still plenty of hair to cover the area.

Once the section of skin has been removed, our doctor will begin the process of dissecting healthy hair follicles from the skin. They will then be implanted in your scalp in any areas where your hair is thinning or you have already experienced balding. In time, new hair growth will begin in these areas until your hair is restored.

Why Choose Strip Grafting?

When patients choose hair grafts to restore their hair growth, they can choose strip grafting or have individual follicles removed one at a time to be transplanted. The strip grafting method can be performed quickly. It will mean less time for you spent in our office while you are undergoing your procedure. You’ll be on your way sooner to a fuller head of hair. Scarring is minimal after strip grafting. The thin line that is left on your scalp is similar to creases that you see when you look at your palms. It will be covered by the rest of your hair, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Find Out How Strip Grafting Can Bring Back Your Hair

If you are unhappy with hair loss, you don’t have to deal with it. Your hair can make a comeback with strip grafting. Make an appointment with our skilled doctor to find out how strip grafting can help you feel like yourself again at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches. If you’re ready to see healthy, fuller hair once again, contact us at either of our offices in Wellington or Boynton Beach to schedule your consultation.


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