Am I a Good Candidate for PRP for Hair Loss?


You never thought that you would have to face hair loss, but your hair has begun to do a disappearing act. It isn’t severe at this point, but you are afraid to see how far it will go. You’ve looked at commercial products in the store, but you don’t like side effects that come with them. You could undergo hair transplant surgery, but that is more involved than you would like. You’re looking for a simple solution to help you hold on to your hair. PRP for hair loss could be the best choice for you.

What are PRP Treatments?

PRP treatments tap into the potential of your own blood cells. We will draw a sample of your blood and send it through a centrifuge. This will separate your blood into all of its parts. The part that you need for hair restoration is PRP, otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma. Your platelets act as a natural repair crew in your body, rejuvenating damaged cells on a daily basis. When used for hair restoration, PRP is skillfully injected into your scalp in any area where your hair is thinning out or you have experienced balding. The PRP will go to work to rejuvenate damaged hair follicles. You will need to be patient, but you will see results in the coming months. If you aren’t happy with your initial response to PRP hair restoration treatments, you can always schedule another treatment. The same holds true if you experience hair loss in new areas following your treatment.

Why Choose PRP for Hair Loss?

You could be a good candidate for PRP for hair loss if you have just begun to lose your hair. You want to catch it right away before your problem gets too severe. You can also consider PRP for hair loss if you want a natural approach. You’ll be using a substance that comes from your own blood to enhance cells that have been damaged in your body. PRP treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and you do not have to worry about a lengthy recovery. These treatments will help you to restore your hair in a safe and gradual process that has virtually no side effects.

Learn More About the Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration

If you are dealing with hair loss and you don’t want to wear a wig or hat for the rest of your life, consider another solution. PRP hair restoration with the experts at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches can give you positive results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Wellington or Boynton Beach.


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