Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Regrowth Treatments?

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If you are a good candidate for it, getting hair regrowth treatments can improve the way you look. For many men and women, re-growing lost hair improves their sense of well-being and confidence. This is because hair regrowth procedures are a powerful way to restore the natural appearance of your hair.

First, it is important to remember that you only have so much hair. There is only a small amount of hair on your head that qualifies as donor hair. Donor hair is the hair that you can move from one place on your scalp and transplant it to the thinning areas on your scalp. If that limited amount of hair is not used appropriately, you may not like the end results.

When men and women undergo some form of pattern baldness, it means that there is a part of their head that will lose hair and a part of their head that will not lose hair. For example, you may look at some men and they lose all of their hair on the crown of their head. However, the hair on the sides and the back of their head does not fall out at all.

The areas that are not affected by male pattern baldness are the areas that are referred to as donor sites. The follicles in these areas are able to hold onto their hair and continue to grow hair long after the affected areas have gone completely bald.

You are likely to be a good candidate for hair regrowth procedures if you have exhausted all other attempts to stop your hair loss on your own. It is also essential that men and women who undergo this procedure have a realistic expectation of what the procedure can do for them.

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair regrowth procedures are a powerful way for you to improve your overall appearance. If you do your research and if you understand what is involved in the procedures, you may be a good candidate for hair regrowth treatments. Of course, the best way to learn more information and determine which hair restoration procedure is right for you is to make an appointment at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches, with offices in Boynton Beach and Wellington. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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