Get Surgically Transplanted Hair Follicles with Strip Grafting


Hair loss affects millions of individuals, and if you’re dealing with this problem, then you know it can have a negative effect on your confidence. Most people who’re losing hair become self-conscious and look for ways to hide the problem. The better way to handle this issue is to seek professional assistance, and strip grafting is one of the best treatments for bald spots. During the procedure, your hair follicles are surgically transplanted, and once they’ve been relocated, you can expect a dramatic improvement in your appearance.

How Does Strip Grafting Surgery Work?

Strip grafting is one of the most well-known treatments available, and it’s used more often than several alternative treatment options. While undergoing strip grafting for hair loss, a strip of your scalp tissue will be removed and transplanted into an area where there is no hair. The donor area where the strip is taken from must be checked for hair loss, and we must determine that the donor area will not lose hair.

What are the Benefits of Strip Grafting?

Another name for this procedure is FUT, and it consists of harvesting follicular units from your scalp. The strips may contain between one to four hairs, and it’s likely that they’ll be harvested from the back or side portion of your head. The main goal is to harvest healthy roots, which help to ensure the success of the procedure.

If you’re considering strip grafting for hair loss, then you should know the benefits of this treatment option. The greatest advantage of this technique is the total number of follicles that can be transplanted in a single session, which is much higher than what you’d get from different techniques.

Strip grafting is ideal for patients who need a large quantity of follicles transplanted in one session, and it offers greater convenience. For patients who can’t undergo several treatment sessions, it’s worth considering this technique.

Can Strip Grafting Help You?

If you’re looking for a way to fight back against hair loss, strip grafting at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches could be worth considering. This treatment option is often best for patients who have larger bald spots, and it’s great for covering large areas in a single session. Make an appointment to talk with our team at our office in Wellington or Boynton Beach to see if strip grafting is right for you. Contact us today to request a consultation!


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