Get Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results With Dr. Nir!

Breast Augmentation

Women that want to enhance their breasts to look fuller and more shapely but desire a more natural look are in luck since Dr. Nir works in the Palm Beach region of Florida. His surgical results have made a good impression on the many patients. His friendly nature and superior bedside manner is even more unbelievable when the patients see his stunning results. Take some time to explore the possibilities of having the breasts that you may have always wanted with breast augmentation.

This surgical procedure is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. Our surgeon will either place the implants between the chest muscle wall and the breast or will insert the implants behind the chest muscle to achieve a better result. The method will largely depend on the amount of breast tissue a woman has and the current size of the breasts.

Most women will opt for saline-filled implants, but the newer gel-filled implants are now safe and very natural looking. The procedure is quite common these days, and the surgery is considered a routine elective procedure in most instances. Dr. Nir will discuss these options with each patient during the initial patient consultation. The doctor patiently listens to what each patient wants as an outcome for their procedure.

Many women have always wanted to change the appearance of their breasts but were afraid that their breasts would look unnatural and noticeably fake to others. Dr. Nir was trained on advanced surgical techniques in breast augmentation procedures, and he can deliver more rounded breasts that still look incredibly natural. Sometimes, women can lose breast fullness and tissue after breastfeeding babies. Other women have always been self-conscious about the size of their breasts. Some ladies may have had to have mastectomies, where all, or part of their breast had to be surgically removed because of breast cancer. These women often opt to proceed with a breast augmentation to get a more normal bust again.

If you feel that you could use a boost of self-confidence by receiving a natural-looking breast augmentation, get in touch with our office today at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery located in Wellington. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!


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