Customized Breast Lift Procedures for Women in West Palm Beach

Breast Lift

You are blessed with one body in your lifetime and you have made every effort to take care of yourself. You follow a proper diet and you make exercise a priority on your to-do list every day. You have made good choices, but you are still not happy about a change that you have noticed about your figure. It’s your bust. It has started to droop so dramatically that you can’t help but notice. You are self-conscious and sure that everyone in West Palm Beach notices. It may be time to consider a customized breast lift procedure to rejuvenate your bust.

When to Choose a Breast Lift

It is common for a woman’s breasts to begin to sag as she gets older. Your reproductive hormones drop as you approach the stage of menopause. This leads to less elasticity in your skin. In the end, you can find yourself with many areas of your body that have started to droop. If you have had changes in your weight over the years, this can also take a toll on the position and firmness of your breasts. While losing weight makes your breasts lose their fullness, gaining weight will make them droop down to a lower position. Pregnancy and nursing often leave a woman with sagging breasts. This especially holds true if you have gone through more than one pregnancy. If you want to lift up your breasts and you are not concerned about size, a customized breast lift is a possible solution for you.

What is Involved in a Customized Breast Lift?

A customized breast lift will be designed to suit you when our plastic surgeon performs your procedure. A cosmetic procedure of any kind is never one-size-fits-all. It will begin with an evaluation of your body and your bust. Our surgeon will determine what approach will be best to lift up your breasts and sculpt the shape of them. When your procedure is over and you have fully recovered, you will have breasts that remind you of your younger years.

Learn More About a Breast Lift

If you are tired of looking at a bust that makes you feel old, schedule an appointment at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington. Explain your goals for your breasts and find out if you are a good candidate for a customized breast lift procedure. Dr. Nir is proud to serve clients in the West Palm Beach area. Contact us today to set up a consultation for a breast lift.


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