Common Reasons to Consider Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery can make huge improvements in an individual’s aesthetics as well as address practical concerns. If you’re not happy with how your nose looks or you have problems with functionality, nose surgery may be able to help you get the look you want and address practical concerns. While every person is different and each of us has our reasons for seeking surgery, there are some common reasons why people seek rhinoplasty.

Aesthetic Concerns

If your nose is too large, too wide, has a bump on the bridge or is canted to one side from a previous break, it can become your most prominent feature. This can be devastating to an individual who wants their talents, personality, accomplishments or other features to take center stage. If you’re tired of being known as the guy or lady with the big nose, nose surgery can help balance your features and allow other attributes to shine through. If you suffer from self-consciousness caused by the appearance of your nose, a simple nose surgery could give you confidence you’ve never before experienced.

Correcting Nasal and Breathing Issues

If you suffer from nasal issues, nose surgery may be able to help. A snore is usually caused by a deviated septum, meaning there is a hole or a malformation in the septum of your nose. That is the strip of flesh separating your nostrils. After nose surgery, air will be able to flow through your nose silently, giving you and your partner a good night’s rest.

Being active is an integral part of being healthy, but problems with breathing through your nose can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite hobbies and passions. Swimmers who cannot easily exhale through their nose cannot breathe properly, leading to gasping and, possibly, a feeling of drowning as they are forced to inhale and exhale through their mouth. Runners who can’t breathe well through their nose are often reduced to sucking air with their mouth open, which can lead to hyperventilation, reduced enjoyment and reduced performance. Those who play contact sports often cannot tolerate a mouth guard because they can’t breathe with it in, leaving their teeth and jaw open to an impact injury. If you avoid exercise because it leaves you with your jaw hanging open, gulping air, nose surgery can fix this and make breathing through your nose easy and natural.

Addressing Residual Pain and Nosebleeds

Breaking your nose requires it to be set properly to heal. If this is neglected or done improperly, there can be life-long residual pain. For individuals who have this issue, even blowing their nose or bumping it in their sleep can bring a glassy bloom of pain and, possibly, a nosebleed. Nose surgery can reset the break and the areas that bleed easily can be cauterized, stopping the pain and bleeding for good.

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