Who Can Benefit from BOTOX in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach

The Florida sun can really wreak havoc on the facial features. After years of exposure to the sun and wind, the skin can become quite brittle. Applying moisturizers helps a bit, but the dynamic wrinkles that show when we make facial expressions that loosen or tighten the skin become more and more apparent as the years go by. BOTOX® is perhaps the best-known and most effective remedy for the problem of crow’s feet, smile lines, and horizontal lines on the forehead. We serve all of West Palm Beach and the entire Miami-Dade County area. Our clients who come to us for repeated BOTOX® treatments do so because they find the results more than satisfactory.

Who Benefits from BOTOX® Injections?

The ideal candidate is a mature adult who experiences moderate to severe smile and frown lines near the corners of the mouth and above the nose bridge. Tiny lines on the sides of the eyes are another example of dynamic wrinkling, and these lines can also be treated with BOTOX® injections. The results aren’t permanent, but the treatment is repeatable. Those who feel they aren’t ready for a more invasive procedure will enjoy the results of these injections as a means of defying the aging clock.

How BOTOX® Works

This isn’t a chemical skin treatment or a nutrient-infusing procedure. It does involve the use of a purified protein solution. When injected directly into the upper-level facial muscles, the solution blocks nerve signal transmission. The muscles stay relaxed, meaning that full contraction is no longer possible. The skin isn’t pulled or pinched as much as before, so the smile lines and crow’s feet never become all that noticeable.

The sensory nerves aren’t affected because BOTOX® blocks the nerve signals in the muscles. This means that the individual can still experience the sense of touch on the facial surface and can still make normal facial expressions.

BOTOX® injections in West Palm Beach take only minutes to perform. We examine the client’s facial features and note the size, depth, and strength of the muscles around the eyes and mouth. This allows us to correctly determine the dosage.

The fluid immediately begins to act as a nerve signal blocker, but the full effect takes days. The relaxed muscles eventually become used to being idle. Subsequent injections, performed after multiple months, require less of the injectable solution because the muscles have gotten used to remaining in a relaxed state.

Express Yourself Without Concern

If you’ve been avoiding smiling and making other facial expressions because dynamic wrinkles are making you look old and tired, BOTOX® at Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery in Wellington may be right for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!


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