Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast Augmentation

There are many things that you can do to enhance your figure. You can eat the right kind of diet to keep your weight under control. You can exercise on a regular basis to stay trim and fit. You can wear clothes that show off your best assets. You can change your hairstyle or wear new makeup. However, you can’t change your breasts. This is especially frustrating if your breasts are asymmetrical.

If you look in the mirror and notice that one breast is larger than the other, hangs down more or has a different shape, it can make you extremely self-conscious. Your bra may hide the imbalances in your breasts, but it won’t do anything about your problem when you take your bra off at night or in front of your partner. If you are tired of living with breasts that are not in proportion with each other, breast augmentation could be the solution for you.

Why Choose Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts?

You are not alone when it comes to living with asymmetrical breasts. While this problem is not obvious to the rest of the world thanks to the clothes that you wear, it’s your troublesome secret. It can get in the way of your happiness with your partner. You may feel like you can’t show yourself to the one you love because of the appearance of your breasts.

Breast augmentation can help you to resolve your problem. This procedure is not only designed to give women larger breasts. It can also help women to get back what they once had when their breasts have become smaller. It can help someone like you when your breasts just do not match.

What Happens During Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts?

Our plastic surgeon will evaluate your breasts to figure out the best course of action for you. If you are happy with the size and shape of one breast, our surgeon will focus on the breast that is disappointing to you. You may have an implant inserted into that breast in order to ensure that it is balanced with the other breast. If there is a problem with one breast that is drooping, our plastic surgeon may combine augmentation with a breast lift in order to raise that breast up to where it should be. In the end, you will have two breasts that match. You’ll no longer feel like you have to hide your bust.

Ask About Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts

At Palms Wellington Plastic Surgery, Dr. Nir is your partner when it comes to enhancing your body. If you are embarrassed by the appearance of your asymmetrical breasts, it is time that you did something about it. Make an appointment at our office in Wellington to have a consultation. After our plastic surgeon has heard your concerns and examined your breasts, you can learn more about the procedure. Find out how breast implants can help you to bring balance back to your body, giving you the bust that you want. Contact us today to request a consultation for breast augmentation.


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