Advantages of Professional Hair Loss Treatment


Many men take matters into their own hands when they realize they are experiencing male pattern baldness. Rather than trying to salvage their hair, they shave it off altogether. This approach works for some, but it’s not the right option for every person who is facing hair loss. For women dealing with hair loss, this may not even be an option. For men who do not want to shave their head or women who want to reclaim a full, beautiful head of hair, we offer many forms of professional hair loss treatment at our clinic.

Our specialists focus on helping men and women who have lost their hair or are currently losing their hair to win the battle against hair loss. In many cases, hair loss can be stopped or even reversed, and new hair can be grown.

Our hair loss treatment options range from medication to PRP therapy to hair transplants with NeoGraft® and beyond. When you talk to our specialist about your hair loss concerns, we will be able to work directly with you and suggest the best approach to get your hair back. Professional hair loss treatment has three goals. The first goal is to encourage the growth of new hair. The second goal is to slow hair loss. The third goal, in the event that the first two do not work, is to minimize the hair loss as much as possible.

If you’re losing your hair due to an underlying disease, then the medication you take would focus on treating the disease. Once the disease clears up or is put into remission, it’s likely that your hair may grow back again. Many diseases that affect the immune system cause both men and women to lose their hair. If your hair does not grow back after your treatment, hair loss treatment such as PRP therapy may be right for you.

NeoGraft® hair transplants offer a stellar hair loss treatment option for both men and women who are losing their hair. The number of transplants you receive and what your donor sites will be will depend on where you are experiencing your hair loss. For example, men typically lose hair on the top of their head. The sides and back of their head is usually unaffected. This is what typically happens with male pattern baldness. In this situation, our experienced professional will harvest some of the hair from the unaffected parts of the head and transplant them to the parts of the head that need more hair. This may be a permanent solution to your hair loss.

For some men and many women, the realization that they are losing their hair is a heartbreaking ordeal. Thankfully, you do not have to go through this situation alone. You can find professional help and receive the advantages of professional hair loss treatment at Hair Restoration of the Palm Beaches, conveniently located in Wellington and Boynton Beach. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about your hair loss treatment options.


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